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Podcast: Selling a Business The SCORE Small Business Success Podcast features interviews with the best and brightest in the world of small business, covering topics such as business plans, financing, marketing, human resources, SEO, social media and more. In this podcast, Norm Silverstein will discuss some of... View
What to do BEFORE Negotiating Anything While most articles on negotiating (include one I recently wrote) focus on tactics during negotiations, less attention is paid to preparing yourself before negotiations ever get underway. This negotiation “advance work” is just as important – if not more so – than what you... View
Expert Tips for Non-Profits Learn the Basics - Tips for Non-Profits Many people find that the best outlet for their entrepreneurial spirit is to improve the quality of their communities, and their world by starting a non-profit organization. But while non-profits and for-profit organizations share many similarities, there... View