It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

Presented by Mardy Sitzer describes how branding and engagement through social media are changing the face of small business marketing.

That’s right, it isn’t business as usual anymore, and it hasn’t been for a few years now. Rating sites and social media—the internet—has changed things forever. Yelp, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter and now Google+—this is the new frontier and these sites require attention and demand relationships with others. Yes, relationships. That means listening and chatting. If you are a B2B business, this means you, too.

To that point, my company doesn’t provide web design and marketing services to other companies. I, together with my team, design and build web sites and provide marketing services to the people at other companies. People are always involved in making the decision and people are always involved throughout the project and beyond. So it is not about business—it is personal because if those folks didn’t think we could do the job, didn’t know what we were talking about or didn’t trust us, it is doubtful we would have gotten the contract.

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