Industry Jargon Doesn’t Sell

Presented by, Mardy Sitzer discusses translating business speak to those outside the business bubble.

The hardest thing in copywriting for websites and marketing material is eliminating the jargon and phrasing things in a way that has meaning and impact on prospects.

I say it’s hard because if you’re doing the writing yourself and are proficient in your industry, then chances are your choice of words has been forever altered.

I always find it kind of funny when I meet someone at a networking event or some business event and they tell me what they do. If I’m in the mood for a little bit of fun I might ask, “Oh, so what does that mean?” Invariably, they are stumped. My favorite response is when they start off with, “You know…” and then repeat what they just said—but speak louder or slower as if I can’t hear or don’t understand English.

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