Winning with Environmental Strategies

Small business owners interested in learning more about green business practices that will help increase productivity and efficiency throughout their business.

Go Green imageIn today’s challenging economic climate it may seem like “going green” has lost its sense of urgency. This paper will explain how the opposite is actually true. The current economic downturn and the pressure it places on small businesses to cut costs, increase efficiencies and find new ways to improve productivity are exactly why green is more relevant today than it was a year ago.

Oftentimes for businesses, there is confusion about what it means to “go green” and why it’s important. Most of us would like to do our part on behalf of the planet, but that’s not entirely why going green is important to business. In fact, many of the “greenest” businesses would argue, the reasons they have made investments to adopt more sustainable practices is to achieve increased profitability and revenue, as well as realize cost reductions for their business. This may not sound very green, but it is. The co-author of the best-seller Green to Gold, Andrew Winston, revealed in a recent interview, “For small businesses, like large, going green can save real money. All too often companies look first to cut headcount to save money, but in many cases, they can cut resource use and expenses instead. Driving efficiencies and finding new ways to do more with less – those are core principles of going green.”

Many times business owners have the idea that going green is an “all or nothing” proposition. This is definitely not the case. In fact, this paper will help you decide how you should think about greening your business and what specific steps you can take during the downturn. We will specifically focus on how the use of IT, including PCs, printers, software, servers and services, can help your business become more efficient and potentially more profitable.

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