Financial Projection Template

An Excel Workbook of 21 Worksheets that develops a three year financial plan.  Produces Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow statements.  User provides source data in first six worksheets and the program generates the balance of the projection.

This is a powerful tool in Microsoft Excel.  A user should have some knowledge of Excel and accounting or have some help to maximize the use of this Workbook.  The first six worksheets are required to populate worksheets 7-21 with results.  These six are: 1) Startup Funds Needed, 2) Salaries and Wages, 3) Fixed Operating Expenses, 4 & 5) Projected Sales and Cost of Goods Sold for four (4) produsts/services, and 6) Cash Receipts parameters. 

Some special Worksheets in the results 7-21, are #18 - Financial Ratios, #19 - Break Even Analysis, #20 - Loan Amortization calculations, and #21 - a PC driven Diagnostics of the results.

The workbook is downloaded to the users computer after registering with SCORE.