AVG Security Tips: Online Security for Remote Workforces

Enabling your employees to work remotely for flex-time and travel can greatly increase your business' productivity. Learn how to secure your networks, computers and passwords for remote workforces with AVG Security Tips.


Keyboard HelpMany small businesses are increasing their flexibility and productivity by enabling employees to work off-site. Whether you’re hiring consultants, providing flex-time scheduling or staying connected while traveling on business, there are concrete steps you can take to ensure your networks, computers and passwords are kept safe and secure. 

Here are some handy tips to follow: 

  • Ensure your employees understand what responsibilities come with remote access to your corporate server – from not leaving your laptop unattended in a cybercafé, to keeping passwords out of view of fellow passengers while on public transport – a lot of this is common sense. 
  • Ensure your worker's security software is robust and multi-layered enough to be effective against malicious content delivered via social networking forums such as Twitter and Facebook, which may be more heavily used while "out of the office" environment. 
  • Make sure you set the highest level of security on laptops employees take home or on the road – also enforce update policies on these machines. 
  • Remote workers using Wi-Fi need to make sure they only use bandwidth from accredited sources on secured password protected networks – and select matching wireless network connection safety options on their laptop accordingly. Online Security for Remote Workforces October 2011 AVG Security Tips

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