50 Small Business Tips for 50 Years of Success: Business Leadership

Every sustainable business has at least one inspiring leader at its helm. These leadership tips recommend actions taken by successful owners and managers to inspire their employees. Also learn how to set realistic goals and achieve them.

SCORE and MassMutual know how important it is to get good advice. That is why, for SCORE’s 50th anniversary, we are sharing helpful, relevant, and succinct tips for your business success. The tips are based on real-life experiences and successes from people like you.

During each month, we will be posting new leadership tips and case studies here. Check back often to learn more as we celebrate you this entire year.


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MassMutual Leadership Meme about not being afraid to fail

In 1994, Michael and Ramona Woods launched Ashtae Products, which sells multicultural hair products to professional salons and beauty schools. Initially selling products from a barn on their property, they enjoyed rapid growth thanks to their previous experience in the salon industry.

Click here to read the couple questions they answered about their customer turnover rate, their gross profit margin and how long they were storing products that helped them turn the business around.







MassMutual Leadership Meme about doing good

When Cyndi Prince and her husband decided to cloth diaper their son, Prince realized she would have to give up dryer sheets due to the harmful chemicals they contained. Manufactoring enough product volume would be a concern so, with help of SCORE mentor Cintia Miranda Cyndi was able find a piece manufacturer to handle the additional volume required

Click here to read how LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls sales have doubled every year; in 2014, she hopes to triple sales to $350,000.







MassMutual Leadership Meme about Insiration Behind Your Business

Wonder Works owner Christine Osborne and co-founder Dan Morrisey (who passed away in 2007) had no retail experience. So, before opening Wonder Works in 1990, they sought the help of SCORE mentor Bud Garforth. 

Click here to read how Wonder Works created a personal development plan to empower employees, which inspired growth to over 4 locations and $3 million in sales.







MassMutual Leadership Meme about Good Employees

In 2009, Aurico Reports had grown to a thriving regional background screening company. SCORE mentors helped the owners develop a business plan and set 30-day, 90-day, one-year and five-year goals. "By putting those planning pieces in place, we’re able to hold ourselves accountable to make sure that we have measured progress toward those goals."

Click here to read how goal setting helped position Aurico Reports for exponential growth and national recognition.






Business Leadership Meme about Setting 3 Goals












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