SCORE Small Business Success Podcast

SCORE Small Business Success Podcast

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Stay abreast of trends that affect the small business landscape with the SCORE Small Business Success Podcast.

Listen to interviews of the best and brightest in the world of small business, covering topics such as business plans, securing financing, marketing, human resources, online marketing, social media, SEO and more.


Featured Episode: Selling a Business
With SCORE Mentor Norm Silverstein

Many entrepreneurs choose to sell their business for many reasons. Why might an owner want to sell and what should they be sure to do?


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Previous Episodes
SCORE Small Business Success Podcast

Buying a Business

Many entrepreneurs choose to buy a business, an existing business, as opposed to starting from scratch. What are some of the reasons that someone would want to do that?

Tyler Donahue, Yext

Attract New Customers With Online Marketing

How do people see and use your business online? What are the ways a small business with a local storefront can benefit from online advertising? What are the best free tools to use? Get answers to these questions and more from Yext's Tyler Donahue.

Hal Shelton, Author and SCORE mentor

Business Planning Strategies
With SCORE Mentor Hal Shelton

If you are planning to start a business, grow an existing business, or start a nonprofit, this podcast is for you. Learn how a well thought out business plan can dramatically turn the odds in your favor.

Rieva Lesonsky, SmallBizDaily and GrowBiz Media

How to Set Up your Retail/eCommerce Business for Success
With Small Business Expert Rieva Lesonsky.

What are the latest consumer trends should you be aware of? What should business owners consider when creating an ecommerce site? How can you make Small Business Saturday work for you? Learn what works in keeping the customer happy, engaged, and spending money.

Mike O'Malley

Pricing to Maximizing Profitability
With SCORE Assistant District Director & SCORE Mentor, Mike O'Malley.

On this month's podcast, listen as retail, import/export expert, SCORE mentor and Assistant District Director for the state of Connecticut, Mike O'Malley discusses pricing to maximize profitability and value pricing. What's a fair price for your product or service? How do you determine that price? Should you alert customers about rising costs? How often does pricing change? Get answers to these questions and more on the SCORE Small Business Success Podcast.


Best New Business Ideas
With Jessica Lawrence, Executive Director of NY Tech Meetup.

This month we speak with Jessica Lawrence, Executive Director of NY Tech Meetup, about the best new ideas for business. Find out about new technologies for small business. What tools could make you more effective and operate more efficiently? What are some trends that seem to be permeating the small business world? What do small business owners need to know and consider to stay ahead of the curve? Listen now and find out!


SEO Basics for Small Business
With Dana Lookadoo, Yo! Yo! SEOConsultant and founder.

Dana Lookadoo discusses some SEO basics for small business owners. Why is SEO an important aspect of any marketing plan? What are some simple ways to drive traffic to a business that many business owners may overlook? Get answers to these questions and more on this month’s two-part podcast.


HR for Small Biz
With Jonathan Pyle, ThinkHR

This month SCORE communications manager Shalini Karnani speaks with ThinkHR's Jonathan Pyle to learn the latest on human resources for small businesses. From being a good leader to what small business owners should be aware of in the future, this conversation addresses a variety of HR issues.


Finance and Accounting Tips for Your Business
With SCORE Mentor Hal Shelton.

Listen in as SCORE interviews mentor and board member Hal Shelton about what it takes to be a successful leader and how you can apply those strategies in your business.


How to Obtain Financing for your Small Business
With SCORE Mentor Lou Davenport

Are your financial goal realistic? What do you really need during the planning stage and did you underestimate your projections? Be sure to develop your business concept and plan and model that to your financials.