Yesterday's Mistakes can be Tomorrow's Successes…

Donate Your Business Experiences to a SCORE Workshop

Do you have business acumen to share? Are you particularly proud of your insights into the building and running of a business?

Turn your mistakes into knowledge from which the next generation of businesspeople can learn: Donate just 45 minutes to Richmond SCORE and lead one seminar for fellow entrepreneurs.

Once a month, SCORE hosts workshops that allow attendees to walk away with tangible information about such topics as building Google ad campaigns or preventing fraud in the workplace. Rather than hosting sales pitches or a networking environment, we offer value-packed talks that provide practical advice to be used in the everyday running of a successful business.

The presentations, geared toward the owner of a business with fewer than 500 employees, are conducted in a relaxed, workshop setting over lunch. When you lead a SCORE workshop, you aren't expected to produce a polished performance; instead, we want real-life, real-time experience.

Now is your opportunity to give to the cause of a stronger regional economy by helping your colleagues succeed. Put your expertise to work and help Richmond SCORE build a successful volunteer-based seminar series.