FIFO Wireless “Connects” with Broward SCORE’s Turnaround Team



FIFO Wireless is a successful distributor of wireless device accessories in 5 states, but this 13-year old company wants to expand nationwide and gain a dominant market share. FIFO Wireless President, Abraham Mekki, called on Broward SCORE’s Turnaround Team for guidance and formation of a strategic business plan to meet their goals.

Turnaround Team leader Dave Harris selected SCORE counselors Miguel Hernandez and Russell Thompson to conduct a series of on-site workshops with Mr. Mekki and his top managers, Vice President Hamid Mekki, and Yvette Blanco, FIFO’s Operations Manager.


The first workshop was held in September 2012 and focused on assessing the current status and needs of the company.  Using a self-diagnostic questionnaire completed by employees of FIFO Wireless, the SCORE counselors advised the company’s management that improvements in four operational areas would greatly improve their productivity and lay the groundwork for rapid growth.  These operating strategies were incorporated into the first draft of they company’s updated business plan developed by FIFO Wireless managers.


The draft of the company’s strategic business plan was reviewed by SCORE counselors at the second workshop held in December 2012, and further improvements were suggested by the Turnaround Team.  This session also included in-depth discussions of the company’s financial projections and sales forecast for the next 3 years.


The workshop series was completed in early March 2013 with a comprehensive analysis of the completed FIFO Wireless business plan, and suggestions for its implementation. At the request of FIFO Wireless President, Abraham Mekki, the SCORE team will return in 3-4 months to review the progress of the company in their stated mission to become the leading wireless accessory provider in the United States.



                                                                          From the left: Miguel Hernandez (SCORE), Hamid Mekki, Abraham Mekki,
                                                                          Yvette Blanco (FIFO Wireless), Dave Harris (SCORE)