Congressman Richard Hanna (NY) Awarded SCORE’s 2012 Congressional Champion Award

Washington, D.C. - SCORE, – mentors to America’s small businesses, is pleased to announce that Congressman Richard Hanna from the 24th District of New York will be presented with the 2012 SCORE Congressional Champion award. The award is presented by SCORE annually and recognizes outstanding advocacy and action, within Congress and beyond, on behalf of small businesses and their owners.  SCORE CEO Ken Yancey will join SCORE District Director William Ritter in presenting the 2012 Congressional Champion award at Congressman Hannah’s office in Utica this Monday, October 1st, 2012.

Congressman Hanna is being named a SCORE Congressional Champion for his advocacy on behalf of SCORE, going on record in support of the organization and the efficient and impactful work accomplished through its network of 13,000+ volunteer business experts. He stated, “I will work to focus in Congress on what’s best for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and their communities. This means providing SCORE with the funding they need to adequately assist those people who need it.”

Congressman Hanna himself is a successful entrepreneur and brings his real life experiences in the small business world to his public policy work.  At the age of 20, he started Hanna Construction, a small residential construction company in upstate New York, and over the next 27 years grew the company to employ more than 450 people.  He shares this insight into the realities of how jobs are created and how small businesses are affected by policy with his fellow policymakers in the nation’s capital.

“In Congress, Representative Hanna is a champion for policy that encourages innovators and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and to create jobs,” remarked SCORE CEO Ken Yancey at the 2012 SCORE Awards ceremony this past August in New Orleans.  “He has donated his time, leadership and personal resources to numerous civic, charitable, religious and philanthropic causes to compassionately address the needs of society.”

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