Norton Pearl

Current City: San Mateo, CA

In 1958 I started Norton Pearl Photography, a commercial photography studio specializing in providing editorial style photography and applying it to business clients, products and services. As a United Press news photographer, I understood how to visually communicate a corporate image to the media. The studio became a trusted source for this type of photography and the largest commercial studio on the S.F peninsula, with long-standing client relationships of 30 years and more. In 1992, while running the photography business, our family purchased a country French restaurant and I became chief operating officer. In the first year, we upgraded both the menu and the staff. During the second year, a fire closed the restaurant for 5 months. These challenges were great learning experiences for me. both in managing staff and dealing with insurance companies and contractors. After 11 years of successful operation, I sold the restaurant. BA, Business Administration, San Jose University. I have counseled business startups, particularly restaurants and photography, at SCORE since 2003 . Additional volunteer work as a crisis counselor has sharpened my listening skills and trained me to realize there are multiple solutions to all challenges. I try and bring this approach to my SCORE counseling. After years spent helping hundreds of different businesses reach their target markets, I can suggest to my SCORE clients a wide range of ideas and solutions. Owned & operated large commercial photography studio for over 45 years in San Francisco area. Owned and operated country French restaurant on San Francisco peninsula for more than 10 years.



<p> B.A. San Jose State University</p>

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