Milton Dendy

Current City: Tamarac, FL
Chapter: Broward SCORE

For over 46 years, I was in the Wholesale Florist Supply industry rising from a clerk to a managerial position with 32 employess under my wing. I was in charge of buying,and pricing of all merchanfise that came into my department. I also saw the day to day operating of my department.With an unlimited budget I was a frugal buyer and made many a deal with my suppliers to pass on to my customers. The last 16 years were spent in the Florida area for one of the best floral wholesalers in this area.My expertese in the business world was to make sure that my customers were well taken care of and pleased withh their dealings with me. I can handle any request for counseling in any type of business start up and am willing to go that extra mile to help a would be business man or woman. I am available on 24/7 basis via my e mail address and willing to go that extra mile to help anyone requesting counseling from me.



I graduated High School and went into the service of my country's armed forces . after my stint in the service, I went on to college completing only 3 years and did not recieve a diploma.

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