John Stiegler

Current City: Snohomish, WA

I have over 14 years’ experience with SCORE in mentoring Startups. I specialize in how to write a business plan, a subject I taught as an Adjunct Professor at the Graduate level.  I also worked on the final development of the business plan templates that are featured on the SCORE website and also available in the Microsoft Office Template gallery.  I can provide expert assistance in the use of these great tools.

In my years with SCORE I have mentored hundreds of clients in their startup efforts and helped many write their business plan to secure financing.

My career includes 35 years in the Insurance Industry and I hold the professional designation “Accredited Advisor in Insurance”. Concurrent with that, for over 20 years I was a part owner of a very successful small business employing over 20 workers so I can relate to the challenges that a typical small business owner is facing.   

I have served on the Board of Directors of two IT companies and a large marketing company. My education includes degrees in accounting and marketing, an MBA and an Associate in Information Technology. For fun I support the information technology for 4 nonprofits and a private school in my area and serve as webmaster for six websites.    



BS in Accounting     MBA in Marketing    Associate in Information Technology

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