John Richeson SCORE Volunteer

John Richeson

Current City: Chula Vista, CA

Project Management and Process Improvement.  John retired from SDG&E in 2013 after 17 years of managing Fleet data systems for the company, and he and his wife now operate a part-time home-based business in Chula Vista.  Prior to joining SDG&E, John was a transportation consultant and software developer in Arizona for 4 years, served as an Assistant General Manager of the Los Angeles transit system for 10 years, and managed transportation infrastructure projects in Miami, Florida for 8 1/2 years.  He started his career with 4 years of experience as a Management Analyst for the City and County of Denver after receiving his Masters degree from the University of Denver. Throughout his career as a manager with large public and private corporations, and as the owner of 3 separate start-up businesses, John's specialty has been developing custom software applications (Fortan, PowerBasic, Visual Basic, VBA, SQL and HTML) for managing projects and optimizing processes for his employers and clients.



M.A. - University of Denver

B.A. - Phillips University

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