James R Wright

Current City: Marion, IA

Over 30 years of retail management in the shoe industry. Had much experience in daily training, developing and implementing sales, marketing and human resource issues. Well aquainted with inter-relationship between upper and lower management. In addition, as a field middle manager my duties entailed negotiations with Mega Mall management: Minneapolis, Detroit and Indianapolis.



Graduated 30 th in my class at Louisville Male High School, 1964, the most prestigious facility in the area. Was second in command of the 20th Corp. ROTC unit. Due to illness in the family was unable to complete College education. Currently,  I am recovering from a broken neck operation.Well, I have had my first follow-up with the surgeon. The bones are meshing well and i no longer need to wear my collar 24/7.  Yeaaaaaah!  I am ambulatory and feeling well.

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