Erv P Simon

Current City: Colorado Springs, CO

Over 15 SCORE counselor, specializing in start-ups, business planning, angel capital, and financing in high tech industries. Spent 15 years in the cable television industry (business applications, customer service & billing, market research, finance, and applied technology). Had earlier careers in military aviation, strategic systems development, safety education and technical recruiting. Erv is a past Chapter Chairman; he maintains the chapter web site, and assists in chapter SCORE workshops. Why did you volunteer for SCORE? After retirement from business, I was seeking to give back to others in business, to share what I had learned, and to benefit the community by so doing. I have found that SCORE enables me to continue what I did for much of my professional life: being a teacher and a mentor. What do you hope to get out of your voluntary service? I get satisfaction out of helping entrepreneurs move forward.  If I only help them take a small step I believe that it is worthwhile progress. And doing so also keeps me continually learn and be challenged. I probably learn as much from my clients as they learn from me. What is your overall impression of the Colorado Springs SCORE chapter? It is a group of solid professionals, with a wide range of business experience. What occupies your time when not involved with SCORE? I volunteer with my church, ministering to the elderly.



B.S. Math/Computer Science

Mentoring Methods