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Bennett Hoffman

Current City: Clearwater, FL

Mr. Hoffman has expert experience with independently owned Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Major Restaurant Chains, Fast Food, Quick Serve, in addition to many other aspects of the food service Industry. Mr. Hoffman is an expert in writing business plans, operations control & analysis, startups, food and beverage control, systems, procedures and financial analysis. Mr. Hoffman developed the Business Viability Program (BVP) a program to determine the viability of prospective new and existing businesses.  Also the Business Financial Program (BFP) to create the financial data for a business plan. Originated and implemented computerized hourly labor cost containment systems and controls.  Mr. Hoffman has specific computer/software development and application experience in demographic analysis, Pro-Forma P&L's, Business Plan development, menu creation, recipe development, food and beverage purchasing and inventory control. Mr. Hoffman developed computer/software program applications for budgets, cash flows, pro-forma P & L’s and other financial tools for operations analysis. Developed and written operations manuals and procedures and has developed and implemented detailed cost controls for food and beverage.



<p> <span><font color="#000000">Attended; the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. H<span>e holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The School of Commerce at New York University, New York, N.Y.</span></font></span></p>

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