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Determining your startup costs can be complex. There are many variables to think about and in some cases, the best you can do is to make educated guesses. But the more accurate you can be in estimating your costs, the more likely you are to fund your startup appropriately, and therefore be poised
How to Create a Comprehensive Business Plan Use this guide to create a thorough and exhaustive business plan for your business.
Imagine this: you’re sitting across a conference table pitching to an angel investor. They’ve got the financial resources you need and you’re one decision away from either making or breaking your startup idea. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could understand exactly what
Who’s Making Small Business Loans? Small companies seeking business loans during August found mixed results from different types of lenders. In a month where the overall volume of loan applications increased by 4.3 percent, my company's Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index, a monthly analysis of 1,000 loan applications,
Since 2008, the credit crunch has made it more difficult than ever for entrepreneurs to access credit.  While lending is loosening, entrepreneurs are still having a difficult time getting funding to start or recapitalize a business.  It’s safe to say we are never going to return
Master Your Business Plan SCORE ExpertAnswers Whether you're starting up or running an established company, an up-to-date business plan is critical for planning and reaching your goals. In this issue of SCORE ExpertAnswers, SCORE Mentor Mark Lowenstein provides expert advice on mastering this essential business tool
How can you make your startup or existing business a success? The newest American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor offers some clues. American Express identified a group of “high achieving” small business owners within its overall survey sample and drilled down into their behavior
If you were like me, when I first created those initial set of financial projections for my startup, you probably just had a slow build of revenues with month over month sales increasing. And, at some future point- 6 months, 1 year, you projected to break-even. Voila, and you thought it was that
It is critical to plan for and adjust to your product or service sales cycles. Begin by reviewing the 10 critical steps to deliver a successful sales plan.  Each step will affect your resources, budget and cash flow. Properly executed, you will increase your sales and profits and delight
To make a realistic cash flow forecast, you must estimate how much unknown revenue and cost will happen in the next 13 weeks - even new business unknown as of yet! Nobody can know for sure, but nobody has a better foundation for making this estimate than you. Consider trends, seasonal patterns,

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