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Recently I have been receiving updates on a Kickstarter project initiated by a creative friend and fellow entrepreneur, Laurie Gonyea, owner of LanaMundi Yarns. For quite some time, Laurie has had a vision (or really re-vision) of incorporating precious metals like silver into her high quality
Obtaining Business Credit: The Basics Steve Strauss, founder of, explains why establishing business credit is so important and how to go about doing it.
The Financial Plan section is a critical component of the business plan. Having a thorough financial plan will help you determine how much money you will need to turn your idea into a business and serve as a budget once it’s launched. If you aren’t experienced with creating budgets
You might not understand why a business offers trade credit. After all, doesn’t it seem like a bad business move to give someone a product or service before they pay you the money? Well, it’s not as crazy as you’d think. In fact, for some businesses, offering trade credit is
There’s some good news for small business owners who are looking for financing to expand their businesses: Banks of all sizes are approving more small business loans, according to the latest Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index. The monthly index, which measures approval rates from a
Obtaining Small Business Financing Learn about alternatives for small business financing and increasing the appeal of your loan application.
Webinar that discusses preparing your business for funding Hear from Ami Kassar of MultiFunding LLC as he provides an explanation and description of the issues that small business owners have to think through and prepare for as your get your business ready for funding - at all stages.
Seller Financing Steve Strauss, founder of, explains the concept of seller financing and how/when it may work for buying a business.
Small Business Speak Out: Where do I get the Capital for Growth? A look at the different venues that small business owners use to obtain capital for growth including loan approval rates and the total cost on a business, in time and money, of financing.
In the event that a bank turns down a loan, we have to explore other methods to accomplish our goals.  At this point, it is important to examine the reason for the original loan application, as well as the reasons for the bank declining the loan.  It is important to discuss the

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