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Why a Big Business Should Still Be Entrepreneurial Companies are built on entrepreneurial principles, but the same traits, which fostered initial success, can be the first to fall to the wayside as a business grows. Keep your company riding the fine line between small shops and big business by focusing on these top startup traits:
The sales and marketing section of your business plan is especially crucial because it determines how you’ll plan on generating profit and describes how you intend to create exposure to best sell your product. It’s in this area of your business plan that you’ll hone the key
There’s a widely held belief that most people who start businesses are born risk-takers—cowboys who would rather do things their own way, no matter what the cost, than hold down a job or listen to a boss. But while that may hold true for some entrepreneurs, the reality is you don
If you’re in the preliminary stages of developing your product or service, you should already be asking yourself a few basic questions in order to discover your optimal price points. It’s not rocket science but you’ll need to do research to discover the balance between what
The dream of owning a small business is compelling. But before making the leap to becoming an entrepreneur, there are more than a few important questions to answer. Here are my top three based on discussions I’ve had with small business owners. Have I thought through the unexpected?
I have two friends who quit their jobs to start their own business on July 3 four years ago. They always refer to it as their own, personal “Independence Day.” Starting your own business is in many ways a declaration of independence. So in honor of July Fourth, I thought I’d
How to Turn Around a Failing Company Presented by Corey L. Massella offers advice about saving and revitalizing a failing business.
What to do First With a Great Business Idea Before you try to raise money, file for a patent or write a business plan, heed these words: That’s not what you need to do. Here are the six things you must know in order to even justify writing a business plan, let alone investing money.
Thought that opener might get your attention. What I’m suggesting is that not all business ideas need to be brand spanking new.  Clearly innovation and cutting-edge products are a cornerstone of entrepreneurship and growth at every level of society.  We need to continually foster
If the results of the latest Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index are any indication, small business owners are feeling pretty darn optimistic these days. The study found small business owners’ assessment of their businesses’ current situation and future prospects is the rosiest it

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