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Note: This month I am passing on the advice of SCORE mentor, angel investor and CFO extraordinaire, Hal Shelton. Hal’s 11 commandments for writing a business plan extract the most important thinking and actions of the business plan process. See last week’s post for the first
Planning for the New Year Steve Strauss, founder of, gives advice for planning for small business success in the New Year.
Over the years as a SCORE volunteer mentor and as an MBA business professor I have reviewed hundreds of business plans.  The following is a compilation of the most common business plan mistakes.  Avoiding these mistakes before you write your plan will make the task a lot easier
Effective marketing is the hallmark of a successful business. Its absence means the business will fail. If it is that important, you cannot leave it to chance. You must plan how to do marketing effectively. How Marketing Fits Into Your Business Plan Your Business Plan is the first place you
This month I am passing on the wisdom of an amazing businessman, and my SCORE mentor, Hal Shelton. Hal has the gravitas of a long and successful track record as CFO/VP finance for a variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations. His demeanor is humble and engaging, always listening first and
There are two main reasons for writing a Business Plan: to succeed as a business, and to get a loan. The first reason means that every new business needs a Business Plan! A Business Plan Organizes Your Thinking Entrepreneurs’ minds are a swirling tornado of ideas and questions. A
Master Your Business Plan SCORE ExpertAnswers Whether you're starting up or running an established company, an up-to-date business plan is critical for planning and reaching your goals. In this issue of SCORE ExpertAnswers, SCORE Mentor Mark Lowenstein provides expert advice on mastering this essential business tool
You would never start a long journey without first mapping out where you are going and what route to take to get you to your destination. Starting a business without a business plan is just as foolish. The business plan serves as the map for the entrepreneur! Writing a business plan is essential
I was a part of the webinar scheduled for today but was rescheduled. I read a little bit of your book and was wondering if you had any information for start-up businesses. I am in the process of starting a payroll service business and have been stalling because of marketing, or lack of knowledge
How can you make your startup or existing business a success? The newest American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor offers some clues. American Express identified a group of “high achieving” small business owners within its overall survey sample and drilled down into their behavior

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