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Your small business insurance is there to protect you. As a small business owner, you know every dollar counts. You do everything you can to cut costs, but small business insurance is not something you should go without. Accidents happen, and you have to defend yourself if you’re sued
The mobile revolution is in full swing, so it should be no surprise that approximately 28 percent of the visitors to your website are coming via a mobile device. But can potential buyers find your site when searching via mobile? When they do arrive, is your website optimized to help them
This year I have become acutely aware of a productivity rabbit hole. The New Year is a time of looking out – and looking within. I realize that growth is quite unlikely if I continue with the status quo. Like any small business owner, my only real asset and real competitive
You’ve succeeded in getting a social media strategy in place, you’re sharing amazing, relevant content - and then WHAM! Someone posts a negative comment, and you feel like all of the wind has been let out of your sails.  Then the worrying begins - What do you say? How do you say
It’s that time of year again, when the weather in much of North America turns hostile to people and businesses alike. And while digging out and recovering from a natural disaster can be a true test of survival for any business, what if your business depends on being able to help others
Break the vicious cycle of remaining small just because your company is small TODAY. Nobody likes to give the impression of a small, fledgling company, even if it’s true. But today, it’s possible to use inexpensive techniques to present the image of a large, professional company,
  What is it about the New Year? I always feel that same odd combination of reflection, anticipation and restlessness. Like all of you, I create resolutions and goals for my business and myself. That’s the easy part. The tough part is during the weeks and months to come, when
The end of the year is full of celebration (of what was accomplished in 2013), contemplation (of learning and things that did not quite measure up) and anticipation (of what to do better/differently in 2014). But how do we channel these insights and energy into a set of positive actions? Over
Heading into year-end and the busy holiday shopping season, how are small business owners feeling? Very optimistic, according to the Q3 LegalZoom/Kauffman Startup Confidence Index. A whopping 86 percent of entrepreneurs polled are “very confident” their companies will be more
By now you may have heard the statistic that young entrepreneurs 30 years old and younger, also known as Gen Y or Millennials, will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. How can you prepare your business for the rise of the Millennial generation? You can start by learning about how they

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