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The 8 Best Online Businesses to Start Now Looking to start a business? If you want something with big potential that doesn’t take much startup capital, consider an online service of some type. A major shift toward purchasing both consumer and business-to-business services online has created a slew of opportunities for would-be
You launched your ecommerce website to great fanfare, hoping to see sales soar. And yes, overall, your sales have been good. But did you ever stop to think about how much money customers aren’t spending with you? A recent poll by Virtual Hold Technology  uncovered a lot of hidden
Health and Beauty: Online Marketing Attracts Customers A business website, SEO, SEM, email marketing and local search directories are essential tools in attracting customers to your health and beauty business.
Perhaps you haven’t refreshed or updated your website lately.  Now is the time to seriously consider fine tuning this awesome marketing vehicle for the rest of 2012.  And of course, if you do not have a website, please do not miss the bus.  It would be great for your business
How to Improve Lead Generation with Squeeze and Landing Pages Presented by, Mardy Sitzer explains what squeeze and landing pages are and how to use them effectively for your business.
Get Found Online: "Look, Ma! I’m on the Internet!" Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media, shares 4 tips for making sure your business gets found on the internet.
How to Choose a Domain Name That Drives Traffic Since you’re competing for eyeballs with millions of other businesses, your business’s domain name—the web address/URL that people use to find your website—should be decided at the same time you’re naming your business. Preferably, the web address should match your
How to Choose a Web Hosting Company Most small businesses use outside Web hosting companies to host their websites. Here are the most important factors to consider when selecting a Web hosting service.
How to Add eCommerce to Your Website If you’re currently using your website as a marketing tool and/or to give customers valuable information, the next obvious step is to add ecommerce capabilities. Selling products or services isn’t as hard as you might think and creates a new source of cash flow for your business. This
Most small business owners understand and accept that social media marketing hasn't merely "arrived," but has become a powerful force for engaging customers and prospects. Yet, many simply haven't gotten started. If you haven't made the dive into social media yet, I

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