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HP's Green Procurement Guide This white paper examines some general principles for developing environmental procurement criteria for information technology (IT) products and services.
HP's Green IT Action Plan for Office Printing Uncover ways to increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of your printing.
5 Steps Toward Energy Efficiency HP provides 5 steps to help make your business more energy efficient.
Break the vicious cycle of remaining small just because your company is small TODAY. Nobody likes to give the impression of a small, fledgling company, even if it’s true. But today, it’s possible to use inexpensive techniques to present the image of a large, professional company,
Six Ways Your Small Business Can Save with Internet Phone Service Traditional phone systems present two main problems for businesses: limited features and high costs. This is why small businesses are migrating to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) systems that deliver advanced communication features over a broadband Internet connection. In fact, a recent
Can You Run Your Business Without Technology? Have you thought about how your business would survive something simple like a power outage, an internet outage, server down, or god forbid a large scale disaster like wildfires or floods? Planning for long-time or large-scale disasters is a function of disaster recovery planning. This article
VoIP Virtual Phone Numbers: A Guerrilla Marketer’s Best Friend Business Phone Service When you see the phrase “internet marketing,” what comes to mind? Google AdWords? Search engine optimization (SEO)? Social media? Viral videos? I bet the one thing you DON’T think about is VoIP business phone service and virtual numbers. They’re
Anyone in the business of international trade is painfully aware of how often they have to call suppliers to keep warehouses on track. Sometimes it feels more like babysitting than running a business when suppliers need to be held by the hand to keep shipments on time. Unfortunately, the massive
If you’re like most small business owners, you have a love-hate relationship with technology. It enables you to do amazing things (like sell your products to people you’ve never met) but it also keeps you up at night (answering texts from clients at 2 a.m.). Apparently, most
Is your small business up to date with technology—or woefully behind? If you’re like many small business owners, you could be wasting time, losing customers and losing money by struggling to make do with out-of-date tools and systems. A survey last month by Yodle discovered that

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