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Getting Found on the Web Q&A with Matt Greenstein, Director of Inside Sales for GoDaddy
eCommerce 101 Q&A with Tonia Rojas, Product Manager for Online Store at GoDaddy 
3 Ways to Improve Your Online Sales More and more businesses are expanding online, making it easy to purchase products with just the click of a button. But for businesses getting their start in the eCommerce space, the process can be a bit overwhelming. 
Domains 101 Q&A with Michelle Hedtke, Director of Domains Product Marketing at GoDaddy
Best Practices for Creating Website Content Dave was a victim of the financial collapse of 2008. He was working as a general contractor for a major home construction company when a reduction in his company’s workforce left him high and dry. After a couple of years (and several odd jobs) the economy, as well as the home construction
Tips for Using Images on Your Website Think about the last five to ten websites you’ve visited: did any of them not have images of some kind? Unlikely. 
3 Tips for Business Email that Sticks Whether you’re online or not, doing business these days requires email! It’s a way to keep in touch with customers and vendors, receive invoices, schedule meetings, and touch base with colleagues. It’s a productivity tool that, when used correctly, can help brand your business
Muscle-Up Your Small Business Website To begin building a strong online presence for your small business, you need a website with at least five core pages—Home, About, Products/Services, Testimonials, and Contact.  
How to Hire a Website Designer If you want a more personalized look and a level of functionality beyond that possible with your preferred template-based website building software, you might want to consider hiring a professional website designer. A pro can work with you to bring your website vision to life. They can
Go Viral with Your Business Website You’ve built your business website with awesome content including easy-to-scan info about your products or services, great images, strong headlines, clear contact info, and compelling calls to action. What else can you do on your site to leave a lasting impression on potential customers?

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