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Websites 101 Q&A with Bhavika Thakkar, Marketing Manager for Website Builder at GoDaddy
Why You Need a Website Think back to the last time you needed to run an errand but didn't know how to get there or what the business hours were for the establishment you needed to visit. Did you think, “Let me find the yellow pages book and hope there is a listing for the company I need?” What about the
SEO 101 Q&A with Jim Christian, Director of Global SEO at GoDaddy
Boost Traffic to Your Business Website with a Blog Being a small business owner, you know that establishing a Web presence is key to success for any business in this day and age. The term “Web presence” encompasses more than simply having a site. It includes establishing a reputation and being seen as the “go-to” place on
Online Productivity 101 Q&A with Melissa Schneider, Product Marketing Manager—Productivity for GoDaddy
3 Reasons You (& Joe) Can't Afford to Skip a Website Joe recently moved his family business, Joe's Pizza Place, from New Jersey to Arizona…and, while the weather’s great, business isn’t. He’s having a tough time getting the word out about his tasty pies. He can’t rely on the word-of-mouth advertising that helped
Web Hosting 101 Q&A with Cedar Coleman, Director of Professional Hosting Services at GoDaddy
Echo Your Business’s Brand on Your Website These days, most people know that if you have a business and don’t have a website, you might as well not have a business. By that same token, you want your website to reflect what your brand is all about.
Getting Found on the Web Q&A with Matt Greenstein, Director of Inside Sales for GoDaddy
eCommerce 101 Q&A with Tonia Rojas, Product Manager for Online Store at GoDaddy 

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