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Often when I am leading an owner workshop, the subject of sales comes up and the comments run something like this: "I'm not a sales person. I'm an artist (or an inventor or a writer or a scientist or ...). How can I outsource sales?" "I'm too busy dealing with the
SCORE Tip of the Week: Are Flash Sales a Flash in the Pan—or Worth Your While? SCORE's CEO, Kenneth R. Yancey, discusses how the "flash sale" concept might benefit your business.
Rethinking Sales: What You Can Do For People Success in sales is multifaceted. While closing as many deals as possible drives many salespeople, this approach really misses the point of creating a mutually beneficial transaction. If, instead of selling to someone, you consider a sale to be something you do for someone, you can revolutionize
EaaS — Executive-as-a-Service for Outsourcing the C-Suite Your company is anxious to get to the next level, or you’re facing a large deal and have little expertise in the area. You need to hire someone who can help your small- or mid-sized business thrive – or simply survive – in the coming months. In reality, you don’t need
You can get your company's name displayed on screens by buying keywords through individual search engines (e.g., Google AdWords or Yahoo). These keywords are words that your potential customers would type in to a search engine to either find your product or a similar product. This is a great
Did you know that almost half (40 percent) of teens have iPhones, 44 percent have tablets, and 72 percent of those tablet owners own iPads? This news, recently reported by CNET, got me thinking about trends, the holiday retail season and how both can affect your business. The holidays are a
Are you effectively using competitive differentiators to stand out from the crowd and win customers? Can you or your sales team clearly explain to customers why your business is different from the competition and why this should matter to them (i.e. the “so what” factor)? Here are
There are a plethora of blog posts, podcasts, webinars etc. telling you what to do if you want to convert prospects into customers i.e., make the sale. In my opinion, there’s also a lot you can learn on what to do by studying what NOT to do. So here are my three basic rules on how not to
Sell an unbranded version or a private labeled version of your product or service in bulk. Create packages at three price points: One low price, low feature, entry-level package to get new buyers in the door. One high-price, high-touch, “luxury” package. And one highlighted,
When it comes to pricing your product or service, if you’re in the tech industry; it may actually pay to offer value for free. Before you label this as a “crazy idea,” spend a moment and look at the vast array of successful technology products that we depend on but are 100%

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