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In recent years, social media and mobile marketing have received a lot of attention. Even though email marketing may not seem as sexy, it still remains the cornerstone of digital marketing. In fact, with a strong content marketing approach, email is more powerful than ever. Email marketing
Hands Across the Water – The Joys of Cross-Cultural Marketing It would be cliché to begin by saying that we are in a global economy. Everyone knows that, with the possible exception of the tin-foil hat crowd. Successful marketing strategies in this de facto global economy require a symphonic approach, otherwise, a cacophony will result and failure is
One lesson I have learned the hard way, in baking and in business, is you cannot add a forgotten ingredient once the batter is mixed and in the oven. Unfortunately, key data tied to metrics is often a forgotten ingredient when setting up a new website, accounting system, or partner agreement
As many in the entrepreneurial world, I have become a big fan of Eric Ries and his Lean Start-up philosophy. The big idea is that instead of creating a fully featured, branded, buttoned up product or service, you instead create a series of Minimum Viable Products (or MVPs). The beauty of the
How to Avoid Lead Leakage At ReachLocal – an online marketing services company catering to small business – the mantra is “Don’t leak leads.” And that’s good advice for business owners investing more and more money in online marketing only to have large chunks of leads slip away.
What I’ve Learned About Pricing Part of pricing is trial and error. As your business grows, learn from your experiences and discover what works and what doesn't. Entrepreneur and small business expert Rieva Lesonsky shares three things she's learned about pricing.
I am a true numbers geek. My initial fascination with the discipline of marketing was learning that data can even predict something as seemingly random and variable as human behavior. I can get lost for hours in the analysis of data and the calculation of metrics. But after years of academic
Join Rod Kurtz, one of the country's leading small business journalists, to gain an insider's perspective on how to get media coverage for your small business. Get answers to questions like: What kinds of stories are the media looking for? What's the best method for pitching my
Tips For Choosing A Domain Name Before launching a website for your business, read these tips for getting started. Sponsored by Google.
Have you ever considered what role public relations (PR) can play in your business?  Whether you are a start-up, launching a new product, looking to secure funding or build the visibility for your business, here are some steps and considerations for using PR to help you build your brand and

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