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Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur? Before you do, let me offer you a little reality check. A recent survey, the Wave Small Business Report, polled small business owners about why they started their businesses and the pluses and minuses of being their own bosses—and had some
How to Set Up a Contingency Plan Presented by, Phyllis Barr explains how to set up a contingency plan for your business.
Protecting an Idea Steve Strauss, founder of, explains how and why business ideas may or may not be able to be protected.
When a natural disaster strikes, it can impact every aspect of a community—homes, utility systems, communications  infrastructure, government services. Damage from tornadoes or floods may require not only rebuilding homes, schools and institutions but rebuilding businesses and jobs
Defining Your Business Vision, Values and Strategy Daniel Kehrer articulates the concepts of vision, values and strategy as they relate to your business.       
Balancing Act Business columnist Rieva Lesonsky provides expert advice on balancing your daily workflow as a busy small business owner.
We all know that starting a business is not easy—but the real challenge comes when you’re trying to grow your company. Fortunately, there are simple solutions. The five ideas below can help your business become more successful, bring in more profits and run more smoothly. Enlist
Here is a startling fact: Average sales people spend 1/4 to 1/3 of their time handling administrative tasks, including meaningless email. Here is another: Average sales people spend less than 21% of their time in actual selling activities. And a third: It is far worse for entrepreneurs.
Anticipating the unknown is always hard – even more so when it’s your company and you’re riding the ups and downs of trying to anticipate seasonal sales. But like waves crashing on the shore, with a little bit of investigation you can begin to understand the highs and lows of

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