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Passion, Reality and Starting a Business Learn from SCORE Westchester about the difference between passion and reality and the roles they play in entrepreneurship.
Import and Export Considerations There certainly is a lot of interest today by entrepreneurs in establishing import and export companies and getting involved in international business.  The international shipment of goods is highly organized and very efficient in getting the goods to and from most countries.  After
Differentiation: What is it and how do we do it? Westchester SCORE explains the concept of differentiating your business.
How to Create a Comprehensive Business Plan Use this guide to create a thorough and exhaustive business plan for your business.
Fundraisers: How to Host a Profitable Event Fundraising events are a great way to bring in large donations and publicize your organization. However, throwing an event that is both fun and profitable is no easy task. Successful event planners understand that the bulk of the work, from strategizing to budgeting to marketing, occurs before
When disaster strikes, the whole community is affected. Community organizations, individuals, local officials, and the private sector are all impacted and trying to recover as quickly as possible. For businesses, this isn’t just a matter of returning to normalcy, it’s a matter of
SCORE Tip of the Week: How to Know if You’re Ready to Sell Globally SCORE's CEO, Kenneth R. Yancey, asks questions to help determine if your small business is ready for international expansion.
I’ll be the first to highlight the many ways technology helps us accomplish more things quickly. But have you ever found yourself juggling an IM chat with one colleague and a phone conversation with another, while also searching for a document on your laptop and trying to finish your lunch
Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur? Before you do, let me offer you a little reality check. A recent survey, the Wave Small Business Report, polled small business owners about why they started their businesses and the pluses and minuses of being their own bosses—and had some
How to Set Up a Contingency Plan Presented by, Phyllis Barr explains how to set up a contingency plan for your business.

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