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Joel Kaufmann

Joel Kaufmann

Joel Kaufmann

Current City: Berkeley, CA
Chapter: East Bay SCORE

Senior consultant with extensive experience helping organizations develop new services and improve operations. Expert at: planning; defining and improving business processes; creating effective approaches for new programs and projects (defining the what before the how); and teaching others best practices in these areas.



M.P.H. Planning, University of California - Berkeley
M.S. Electrical Engineering (Systems), Stanford University
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Donald R Reid

Donald R Reid

Current City: Ponte Vedra, FL


648 Wandering Woods Way

Ponte Vedra, FL  32081

(904) 373-0777 – home





  • Proactive Information Technology professional with global experience in world-class companies.Realistic, future-focused understanding of Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Power Generation industries.

  • Engineered successful strategies to enable dynamic business growth or contraction through new products, acquisition due diligence, start-up or divestiture planning, and services outsourcing.

  • Effective communicator who fosters on-going collaboration between matrixed team members, stakeholders, and business partners. Embraces new challenges to deliver competitive advantage and sustained operational performance.

  • Innovative problem solver known for improving organization’s success.  Leadership skills leverage varied technical background.  Expertise in process restructuring, software engineering, proactive quality assurance, configuration management, and production audits.

  • Lifetime learner.  MBA complemented by industry certifications (e.g., PMI, APICS) and on-going, relevant education.



Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings         , Burlington, NC                                              April, 2003 – October, 2013

IS Director – Lab Systems

$4B healthcare, laboratory-testing company.   Manage project office; portfolio includes roughly 25-concurrent, strategic projects with measurable, operational impact. Comply with CAP, CLIA, FDA, HIPPA, and Sarbanes Oxley regulations.  Previously supervised 3-fast paced Java and .Net teams engaged in web development and business process normalization using mainframes and distributed servers (38-person, $4.2M budget).

  • Re-functioned legacy, Customer Service applications with J2EE thin-client replacement to consolidate 53 call centers into 13, facilitate client satisfaction improvements, reduce application training from 45 days to 1, re-engineer call response process, and introduce metrics-driven, call volume analysis.

  • Reduced lost business by 4% and internal costs by 10% through cross-functional team addressing Corporate Customer Retention and selective software enhancements.

  • Implemented high volume end-to-end specimen tracking tool. Provides real-time, work in process status for 53-labs as well as providing specimen cycle time comparisons.

  • Ensured that corporate-wide infrastructure (LAN’s, WAN, servers, and instrument interfaces) was upgraded and certified in 2 months to support new client who added 15% incremental volume.

  • Published corporate development methodology, defined career development programs, authored IT performance metrics, and introduced project management standards plus templates.


    Solectron Technology, Inc, Charlotte, NC                                                                                                      July, 1995 – April, 2003

                Information Technology Manager

    Supervised divisional, 42-person database administration, development, network engineering, and operations staff of $18B multi-national, contract electrical manufacturer (Malcom Baldridge award winner).  Managed matrixed, virtual teams (domestic / international plus direct / contract resources) in system integration and development projects using distributed client servers.  Hosted international EDI operations center.

  • Participated in acquisition due diligence evaluations and subsequent implementation of ERP II at $1B domestic and international manufacturing plants. Tailored accounting applications (AP, AR, Cost Accounting, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, and Payroll) to local standards.Delivered 50% schedule reduction for comprehensive ERP II conversions / implementations.          

  • Reduced 9-plant, $110M IT budget to $71.6M run rate in 12-months.Sustained operation’s service levels and customer base.

  • Restructured IT services at 4 acquired manufacturing plants during 3-year period.Scope included staff assessment, application replacement (ERP II; shop floor, quality control, and warehouse management; office applications), telecommunications and infrastructure upgrades, and performance metrics standardization.Typically generated a $1.5M budget reduction.

  • Enabled EDI and Internet communication via centralized development and operations for 14 Americas plants.Realized reduced operating costs while improving customer satisfaction and cutting both DSO and materials acquisition costs.

  • Had senior role in $80M global IT outsourcing due diligence and contract management strategy that encompassed infrastructure (computer operations, database administration, help desk, and network management) and software development.


    Progress Energy (Carolina Power & Light), Southport, NC                                                             June, 1992 – July, 1995

                Computer Support Manager

    Active participant in nuclear power plant turnaround – i.e., plant graduated from NRC watch list to top quartile performer in less than 2-years.  Built customer focused organization (25-person, $4.8M budget).  Maintained fault-tolerant operations while successfully completing multiple, complex projects.

  • Executed site-wide, network strategy to integrate business and engineering services.Standardized software, enhanced disaster recovery, instituted a Help Desk, and re-skilled end users.

  • Plant achieved $10M labor and material cost reduction through installation of Plant Maintenance Planning and Scheduling system.

  • Directed implementation of plant’s Process Computer and Security Computer systems.


    Coca-Cola Foods, Houston, TX                                                                                                                                  October, 1986 – May, 1992

                Manager of Systems and Programming

    Managed development and maintenance for $1.7B consumer goods division consisting of 7 manufacturing plants and 79 field sales offices ($3.6M budget).

  • Realized $15M inventory reduction and improved asset utilization by integrating a ERP II/Production Scheduling system into 7 manufacturing plants and 3 contract packing operations.

  • Achieved $100M sales growth and eight person reduction by developing a proprietary Order Entry / Processing application that instituted progressive pricing and promotional strategies.

  • Designed and installed Promotion Control application for administering a $120M marketing budget.Immediately eliminated serious control weaknesses.


    Anderson Clayton Foods, Dallas, TX                                                                                                 August, 1982 – October, 1986

                Information Systems Manager

    Supervised software development and operations for a $400M food manufacturer (18-person staff).  Performed control and functional audits.

  • Realized 27% ROI by implementing integrated Accounting, Order Entry / Processing, and Sales Analysis software project at specialty products division.

  • Reduced plant downtime by 35% and parts inventory and overtime by 15% by Plant Maintenance system implementation.Application also established basis for predictive plant maintenance program, improved repair vs. replacement decisions, and enabled capital equipment standardization.




MBA – Northern Illinois University

BS – Northern Illinois University

Certification: Project Management Institute (PMP)

Certification:  American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)


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Clinical Laboratory Testing                               Contract Electronics Manufacturing                               Food Manufacturing / Marketing    Electric Utility Power Generation      Retail Management / Marketing





Strategic Business Planning                               Line & Project Management                                             Budget / Financial Management

Performance Improvement                                               Organization Development                                               Outsourcing Due Diligence / Contract Mgmt

Business Restructuring                                       Application Design / Development                  Hardware / Software Evaluations

Quality Software Engineering                           Facilities Planning / Management                    Disaster Recovery Planning / Validation

Procedures / Methodologies                              JAD / Prototyping                                                                                Contract Negotiations





Accounting / Finance:        Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Activity Based Accounting, Cost Accounting, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Route Settlement, Brokerage / Commissions, Payroll / Human Resources, Invoicing


B 2 B                                      EDI, Web Services


Lab Operations                    Customer Service, Lab Workflow, Order Entry, Results Reporting, Specimen Management


Distribution:                                          Order Entry / Processing, Bills of Lading, Freight Consolidation, Freight Estimation / Payment, Freight Lane Evaluation, Fleet Maintenance, Distribution Requirements Planning


Manufacturing:                   ERP, Shop Floor Control, Work in Process Tracking, Failure Analysis, Plant Maintenance, Feeder Verification, Labor Collection, Vendor Managed Inventory


Sales / Marketing:               Customer Service, Sales Analysis, Forecasting, Promotion Planning / Analysis, Profitability Analysis, Route Sales, Marketing





Software Vendors:                              Artemis, Baan, Computer Associates, Datalogics, Fourth Shift, Gentran, Genrad, McCormack Dodge, MSA, etc.

Languages:                           Assembler, C/C++, CAD/ CAE, COBOL, FOCUS, J2EE / Java, .Net, PowerBuilder, RAMIS, SAS, Visual Basic

Databases:                                            DB2, IMS, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase

Hardware:                                                             IBM & Unisys Mainframes, Midrange Computers, Client Servers, Bar Code Scanners, OCR,

Data & Voice Communications, Video-conferencing

Operating Systems:             Banyan-Vines, DOS, Linux, Novell-Netware, NT, UNIX(AIX, HP-UX, Solaris), MS Windows, VMS, z/OS

Communications:                               CICS, EDI, LAN, Internet, RJE, WAN, Web Services, WebSphere MQ





Certified: Project Management Institute at PMP level

Certified: American Production & Inventory Control Society

Information Technology Council (ITC) – Chamber of Commerce

Data Processing Management Association (Association of Information Technology Professionals)

Grocery Manufacturers Association

Sigma Iota Epsilon (Business Honorary)



MBA – Northern Illinois University</p>

BS – Northern Illinois University</p>

Certification: Project Management Institute (PMP)</p>

Certification:  American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)</p>


            I own a small advertising agency, as well as being a wife and mother. I constantly read about women who “have it all” and would love to be one of them. How do they do it?

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Edward Gromada

Edward Gromada

Current City: Jamestown, RI
Chapter: Rhode Island

2011 to Present Retired

Consultant: Strategic Business Development

Vice President, Global Business Development (2004 to 2009)
Director, Global Marketing Operations (2002 to 2004)
Director of Global Business Integration (2000 to 2002)

Vice President/General Manager, Europe

Director, Operations

1992 to 1995 THE GCS GROUP, INC.  BELMONT, MA

General Manager

Senior Analyst

1971 to 1974 PWC LLP  BOSTON, MA
Senior Auditor



Northeastern University  Boston, MA
Certificate in Advanced Studies in International Business, Post MBA Study

Northeastern University  Boston, MA
Masters of Business Administration

University of Massachusetts  North Dartmouth, MA
Bachelor of Science, Business Management

Michael Joseph Karaman

Michael Joseph Karaman

Current City: Plymouth, MN

35 years building software products, primarily for the healthcare IT industry from clinical workflow to analytics.



BA, Colgate University; Computer Science & Geography

MBA, University of Michigan; Marketing


Randy Ozden originally came to San Diego to study computer science at San Diego State University. After a career working for large companies overseeing systems integration contracts, he decided to start a business. He had met some people who had started their own companies and felt that he had all their qualifications. In addition, "I was technical, I had done some programming, and I was a good storyteller who could speak about creating effective solutions at the executive level".

Randy and two other individuals provided initial funding of under $100,000. The company was fortunate to get customers quickly and no other outside capital has been needed. Today, the initial investors and the employees own VivanTech.

Randy Ozden
My Location
2020 Camino del Rio North, Suite 700
San Diego CA 92108
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

One of VivanTech's clients was in higher education, and they asked them to look at Kuali to replace their ERP (enterprise, resource, planning) system starting with their payroll. VivanTech decided to analyze Kuali, and liked what they saw, so decided to focus on developing custom solutions for universities who wanted to use Kuali.” Customers now include Stanford University, the University of Southern California and the University of Hawaii.

VivanTech is a tremendous small business success story because it demonstrates that companies can successfully make dramatic changes in direction by listening to customers. This openness along with developing thought out strategies and thorough due diligence resulted in dramatic revenue growth and a strong, trusted presence among the higher education IT community.

At each step along the way, VivanTech asked for SCORE’s assistance in researching options and the associated advantages and risks. This attention to careful and thorough planning, combined with the willingness to execute and take necessary risks epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit that makes VivanTech an inspiring success story.

What's Great About My Mentor?

From the early days of VivanTech, Dick Leslie mentored VivanTech and made himself available according to their timing. When needed, he involved other mentors from SCORE to make sure VivanTech's needs were addressed.

How SCORE Helped

SCORE's mentoring has been significant because of continued availability to advise on many of topics and attendance at some of VivanTech's key management meetings, quarterly updates and yearly reviews.

SCORE provided mentoring in the following areas:

* Recommended the company narrow its focus to emphasize its depth of expertise in order to ensure success. Once the company executed on this, their successes increased and it became an important pivot point for growth.
* Supported entering the market of open-source enterprise software for the higher education market. This became the cornerstone for the company's change of direction and subsequently impressive revenue and profit growth.
* Advised VivanTech to develop families of products and services, plus product positioning and promotion as well as pricing. * Business planning - Both in moving to new markets, while also successfully supporting existing clients.
* Emphasized complete commitment to customer relations.

John Richeson

John Richeson SCORE Mentor

John Richeson

Current City: Chula Vista, CA

Project Management and Process Improvement.  John retired from San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) in 2013 after 17 years of managing Fleet data systems for the company, and he and his wife now operate a part-time home-based business in Chula Vista, California.  Prior to joining SDG&E, John was a transportation consultant and software developer in Arizona for 4 years, served as an Assistant General Manager of the Los Angeles transit system for 10 years, and managed transportation infrastructure projects in Miami, Florida for 8 1/2 years.  He started his career with 4 years of experience as a Management Analyst for the City and County of Denver after receiving his Masters degree from the University of Denver. Throughout his career as a manager with large public and private corporations, and as the owner of 3 separate start-up businesses, John's specialty has been developing custom software applications (Fortan, PowerBasic, Visual Basic, VBA, SQL, JS and HTML/CSS) for managing projects and optimizing processes for his employers and clients.



M.A. - University of Denver

B.A. - Phillips University

Digital Doc Succeeds with SCORE

After months of researching possible franchise opportunities for personal electronic repairs, Bob recognized the need for this service in his community. After interviewing several franchisees, Bob signed a franchise agreement with Digital Doc and became the first operating franchisee in Iowa.

My Location
Cedar Rapids IA
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

Within the first year of business, Bob has been able to hire two additional employees. In the upcoming months, Bob plans to open another store in a neighboring city. By having exclusive franchise rights to many counties in eastern Iowa, Bob plans to manage several franchises in the future.

How SCORE Helped

John Buckeridge, Bob's mentor, is a former franchise owner himself. He was able to help Bob in the early stages of business planning. John helped Bob point out areas that could improve his business plan and also helped with preparing a best-case and worse-case sales forecast. John also guided Bob with finding leasing space for his business, obtaining accounting services (to help with keeping track of cost and profits) and focusing on inventory management to help Digital Doc succeed.

John E. Emery

John E. Emery

Current City: Oakdale, CA

Several years in Supply Chain Management & Hi-Tech Manufacturing including IBM (33 yrs)and 3 start up companies as Materials Director.
Consultant on Manufacturing Inventory & Process Control.
Taught several Inventory Management and Supplier Evaluation classes.


Ryan Fulcer

Ryan Fulcer

Current City: Kaukauna, WI
Chapter: Fox Cities SCORE

Rental property advertising for web and print media; Training real estate agents; evaluate and coach new and experienced real estate agents.


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