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Hubert H Buehler

Hubert H Buehler

Current City: Glen Ellyn, IL
Chapter: Fox Valley SCORE

20 years of executive experience in large international automotive parts manufacturing company in Europe and NorthAmerica. 10 years experience in runing my own automotive remanufacturing company near Chicago/Illinois. Several years in running international consulting team.

Presently: President of a Scholarship Fund Foundation

Speaks English, German, French



MBA University of Munich/Germany

John Whiteside

John Whiteside, headshot

John Whiteside

Current City: Asheville, NC
Chapter: Asheville SCORE

Expert in Labor Relations and very knowledgeable in hiring employees. 35 years experience in all facets of Human Resources, including Employment, Benefits, Organizational Development, Training, labor Relations, Safety, and Compensation. Listed in Who’s Who in America. Specialize in union/non-union negotiations and arbitration for companies of 300 to 20,000 employees, both nationally and internationally. Retired from General Dynamics Air Defense Missile Division as VP Human Resources & Administration. Currently acting as SCORE Asheville NC’s E-mail and HR specialty counselor and Business Assessment Team HR member.




<p> BA degree, Psychology and Education, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara.</p>

An advisory board is an informal group. This is not a board of directors. It is a group of mentors. The group has no financial interest in your firm. This is a group of outside advisors who share their knowledge to help you be more competitive, think strategically and offer specific advice in key skill areas.

The benefits of an advisory board include: setting aside time to think strategically, obtain feedback and insights from outside the company, and gather information and expertise from peers who have knowledge in different areas than your own. In general, a three to five person board will likely meet your needs.

This document helps one understand how to use the strategic plan, business plan and feasibility study together. It also helps one understand what is meant by vision, values and mission, since these concepts are key to the organization’s ability to define its direction.

This documents reviews types of business insurance available and provides some information on each.

NU Day Empowerment

Helping Kids to Succeed is Goal of SCORE Client

Ernest Jackson thinks kids in trouble can be helped.  He has helped children throughout the Toledo Public Schools and elsewhere, giving them the confidence they need to succeed.  Jackson’s lesson: “Control is Power – I am the boss of my behavior.”  He teaches them to recognize their own value and self-worth.


Jackson is a native Toledoan with a long history of social service, church ministry, and youth counseling.  Now, with the help of SCORE, he is expanding his outreach in the community by making himself available to other schools, businesses and organizations, where his motivational message is applicable in many personal situations.


Jackson met SCORE counselor John Bodner, purely by chance, at Sanger Branch Library a few months ago.  As a result,     Jackson says, “SCORE brought my dreams of having a business into reality.”  He now has a non-profit LLC called NU Day Empowerment, designed to bring together his various activities, which include writing children’s books. 


With a non-profit able to raise money, Jackson is funding bus passes for kids living outside of the two-mile mandatory school busing area, but who have difficulty getting to school on their own.  It is simple things like this, he believes, that make a difference in whether a child succeeds or fails.


According to Ernest Jackson, John Bodner and SCORE made it happen with him, just as he is trying to “make it happen” with others.

Ernest Jackson
My Location
Toledo OH
United States

This document explains the importance of your credit score, the method used in its calculation, how it's used and how to obtain a copy.

Ray Staton

Ray Staton

Chapter: Willamette SCORE

Retired attorney.

Real property financing and acquisition.

Business acquisitions, businesss organization, business operations.

Business plans.

Non-profit organization, Charitable organizations.  Tax exempt status.

Professional Services management.  Professional services marketing.

Formation and management of business entities; partnership agreements, LLC operating agreements. bylaws.

Contracts, licenses, non-competition agreements, employment agreements.  Independent contractor or employee issues. 

Business buy - sell agreements.

Real estate sales and real estate leases.





<p> BA 1965, JD 1974</p>

Richard C Jordan

Richard C Jordan

Current City: Cross Lake, MN

Expert in strategic business plans. Former owner of a multi-plant manufacturing business. Experience in Senior management, general management, project management, plant start-ups, turnaround of unprofitable businesses in engineered product companies, farm products and the forest products industry. Experienced in new product development. We developed and used strategic business plans to grow both market share and profit.. We penetrated new markets. Experienced in empowering employees to grow as a team to achieve targeted results.



MBA Indiana University 

Steven M Willinger

Steven M Willinger

Current City: Bristol, TN
Chapter: Bristol SCORE

I specialize in working with Independent Professionals such as consultants, coaches, counselors, trainers, speakers, sales, marketing and financial professionals.

The clients I work with are great at what they do professionally but struggle with the marketing part of their business. They want to know how to attract more clients with ease and without compromising their integrity.

Here's what I help my clients do:

  • Get clear about your vision and what you want to accomplish
  • Discover what may be holding you back and overcome it
  • Evaluate your strategy and design a sustainable business model
  • Overcome fear, procrastination, and self-doubt
  • Solve problems, eliminate obstacles, and avoid pitfalls
  • Locate resources, make connections, and build alliances
  • Gain perspective, get feedback, and discover new ideas
  • Set realistic goals, stay true to your vision, and on track with your plans

I have the skills and experience to help you and your business with:

  • Practical visioning, strategy, and planning
  • Discovering and overcoming inner saboteurs
  • Developing your potential as an entrepreneur, manager, and leader
  • Marketing tactics, tools, skills, and messaging
  • Business models, product design, and program development
  • Managing projects and people
  • Learning attitudes and habits that allow you to thrive



<p> California State University - Chico, CA&nbsp;</p> <p> Butte Junior College, Durham, CA&nbsp;</p> <p> Las Plumas High School, Oroville, CA</p>

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