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This is a Word file that contains back-to-back templates for a Business Plan. The first template is for a startup business and the second is for an existing business.

This file is a series of useful Excel spreadsheets: Startup Costs, Personal Financial Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Variable Overhead Costs, Cash Flow, and Gross Margin.

This thirty-two page primer on Cash Flow will help you understand and manage Cash Flow by explaining the working capital cash conversion cycle -- the cash flow cycle

Entrepreneur’s Guide: Starting and Growing a Business in Pennsylvania is a 108 page booklet filled with current information about free services, check lists, helpful tips and licensing procedures. Because the information in this guide is not intended to be the final statement on any subject, you will also find addresses, web sites and telephone numbers for contacting business-related agencies.

Scrolls and Strings Violin House - Jeff and Shelly Reider

Scrolls and Strings Violin House is a full service stringed instrument sales and repair establishment.  Owners Jeff Reider, a Master Luthier, and his wife, Shelly, a Restoration craftsperson, started their business in April 2006.  The business is located at 608 Penn Avenue, West Reading, PA.

Scrolls and Strings provides sales, repairs, rentals, and appraisals on all stringed instruments, including violin, viola, cello, bass, and mandolin.  Their services and expertise include any repair of the bows for these instruments as well.

Jeff and Shelly Reider
My Location
608 Penn Avenue
West Reading PA
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

Jeff and Shelly have created a way to start a successful business combining each of their passions for music, musical instruments, and skilled craftsmanship.

How SCORE Helped

Jeff and Shelly give a lot of credit for their initial success to Reading and Berks Chapter of SCORE and the SCORE counselors that they were using during this start-up phase.  Jeff said, “The SCORE counselors gave us a focus and direction and taught us the value of a business plan.”  Shelly added, “I was very impressed with our SCORE experience, especially how they guided us through our early organizational efforts and the actual business opening.”

Mainstreet Art Centre

In 2006, Frankie Johnson, a professional artist and business owner, faced an unexpected challenge when her business partner decided to dissolve the partnership. Frankie quickly sought guidance from her local SCORE chapter and learned how to successfully organize a buyout and new business plan.

Frankie Johnson
My Location
Lake Zurich IL
United States
My Successes

While Frankie felt confident that she could run Mainstreet Art Centre as the sole owner, she had no idea about how to proceed with the buyout, particularly since the partner wanted the stake to be paid out in cash. She assumed that it’d take a business loan to execute the buyout, but even that was unknown territory for her.

As the new owner of Mainstreet Art Centre, Frankie reports that the company has been able to maintain a healthy level of profitability. The growing business provides a wide range of classes that are popular for professional artists, budding talents and children just discovering the fun of art.  In addition, the center also sells frames, equipment and art supplies and hosts demonstrations, workshops and other art-related events.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Volunteer mentor Seymour Stoller met with Frankie and carefully examined Mainstreet Art Centre’s financials. He felt that the buyout could be funded entirely from company profits and recommended a structure for the buyout proposal.  The details were worked out over two meetings and, after a series of negotiations; Frankie’s partner accepted the proposal.  Four months later, Frankie owned Mainstreet Art Centre free and clear.

How SCORE Helped

"Buyouts were a complete mystery. I was a member of the chamber of commerce, which sponsors the local office of SCORE, so I went to SCORE," says Frankie.

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