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NVision, a Northside consignment store offering vintage and secondhand clothing,housewares and furnishings, has been named Greater Cincinnati SCORE’s April 2013 Client of the Month.

The store celebrates its fifth year in business this year.  Store owner Emily Buddendeck had founded and managed art galleries around Cincinnati, but had no retail experience when she contacted SCORE in 2007 for help. She learned of a consignment business in Northside that was closing and began looking into opening her own store in the same location. She wanted a store to fill a unique niche—celebrating vintage fashion, art and furnishings of the 50s through 80s alongside contemporary, up-cycled items.

She also offers complimentary custom fitting for clothing purchases and alterations and repairs in general. The store produces fashion shows and holds art openings and special events.

www.nvisionshop.com, call (513) 542-4577, or email contact@nvisionshop.com.

Emily Buddendeck
My Location
4577 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati OH
United States
How SCORE Helped

SCORE counselor, Mike Martin, who is also SCORE-Greater Cincinnati’s chapter chairman, helped Buddendeck flesh out her business plan. “Mike helped me create a break-even analysis I had been working on, “said Buddendeck. “We also projected how much I would need to bring in in order to float. We discussed target demographics, competitors, and point-of-sale systems.”

“One of the traits that really stood out in our discussion was Emily’s determination,” said Martin. “She had no retail experience, but had a vision of what she wanted her business to be like. I remember in one of our early meetings when we were looking at the projected budget, I said, ‘No matter what the numbers on this paper look like, you're going to open this business, aren't you?’ She said, ‘That's correct.’”

Buddendeck’s keys to sustainability are her passion for design and love of research. She attends estate sales, studying vintage items in their “original habitats,” and checks out her competition in order to stay relevant to current trends. She has also learned a lot about negotiating and selecting merchandise.





Most small businesses today know about the importance of online reputation and the power of social media to help or hurt that reputation. Dozens of websites and rating services, from the majors such as Yelp, Twitter and Facebook to those serving specific business sectors such as travel, are open for anyone to express an opinion.

By Daniel Kehrer
Founder, BizBest.com

Most small businesses today know about the importance of online reputation and the power of social media to help or hurt that reputation. Dozens of websites and rating services, from the majors such as Yelp, Twitter and Facebook to those serving specific business sectors such as travel, are open for anyone to express an opinion.

About the Author

Daniel Kehrer headshotDaniel Kehrer, Founder & Managing Director of BizBest Media Corp., is a nationally-known, award-winning expert on small and local business, start-ups, content marketing, entrepreneurship and social media, with an MBA from UCLA/Anderson. Read more of Daniel's tips at www.BizBest.com, follow him at www.twitter.com/140Main and connect on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/danielkehrer.

Over 50, Female and Starting a Business: 6 Essentials to Consider

Wed, 2013-07-10 10:52

Are you a woman nearing retirement, but thinking about starting a business?

Woman-owned businesses are a critical part of the U.S. economy, numbering 7.8 million according to the latest Census data, and growing at twice the rate of men-owned businesses. For women over the age of 50, small business ownership affords many benefits – additional income, a flexible lifestyle and that unbeatable feeling that comes with being your own boss.

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The Internet and mobile technologies have become indispensable for many small businesses. Yet without proper safeguards, they can put your data, your systems, and even your company at risk.

Cyber criminals are increasing their attacks on smaller firms simply because they know many don’t have the resources to stop them:

Cloth Interiors Uses SCORE Resources and FInds Success

One month after its grand opening on May 15, 2013, Cloth Interiors of Kennebunk, Maine has been nominated by the Seacoast Chapter of SCORE as a small business success story for 2013.

Teri Cardinelli, proprietor of Cloth Interiors, spent over 25 years honing her skills in the design and craftsmanship of custom window treatments and furniture coverings before she decided to open her own shop in October 2012. At the time, she was working at two part time jobs while designing and producing custom window treatments out of her home for a few customers. She decided that she needed to commit full time to serving her customers, so she started looking for a space in the Kennebunk area to locate her business.

Teri Cardinelli
My Location
106 York Street
Kennebunk ME 04043
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

Cardinelli attended two evening workshops offered by SCORE, one on marketing and the other on finance.  She says, “My shop opened in May, 2013, with the help and support of the Kennebunk Chamber of Commerce and SCORE, and I am totally supporting myself with the sales I have generated. This could not have been done without the assistance of my mentors and the inspiring workshops that I participated in. They were a springboard to my creativity and development. I believe my website, which I made myself, speaks highly of the skills I learned in the marketing workshop. (www.clothinteriors.com)  - clients continually compliment me on it.”

With SCORE’s help, Cardinelli started making a plan for her business, found a perfect location, organized her bookkeeping, contracts and pricing, and got ready for her grand opening in May.  She did all this while completing jobs, adding new customers and showing a solid profit and positive cash flow in every month of 2013.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Like many SCORE clients, Cardinelli has tremendous talent and technical skill, but needed help getting the business details organized. She had experience working in a similar business and Sandy Carlisle recognized the value of this. He pointed out, “Teri has an extensive background in her craft, which she now needs to recognize and draw upon. Most of her issues are in the areas of business management and marketing, which SCORE is exceptionally well equipped to address. As we discussed these issues, her responses and insights made this apparent. She is actively pursuing both local and trade networking, is establishing trade relationships with the major fabric suppliers and production shops, and is working on developing her own web site.”

Mentor Lisa Allison says that Cloth Interiors fills an important niche. “Teri’s skill is transforming her clients’ visions into reality. Whatever look the client wants, Teri can create it. She has the experience and know-how to create three dimensional effects, to obscure any problem areas, to bring in light or emphasize a beautiful view. She can even repurpose old fabric and blend the new with the old.” Recognizing her strengths, skills, and networking abilities, Cardinelli is now marketing her services to decorators and other third parties, for whom she has created a professional level trade package.


How SCORE Helped

Cardinelli contacted SCORE and was connected with mentor Sanford “Sandy” Carlisle, a retired executive who volunteers as an online mentor for SCORE. After many email and phone exchanges, Cardinelli arranged to come in to the Portsmouth office of SCORE, where she met with Sandy Carlisle and Lisa Allison, another SCORE volunteer.  As Cardinelli explained, “From that first meeting I got the validation I was on the right track, experience to point me in the right direction, wisdom to guide me through my ideas and suggest better ones, and encouragement to know what my real value is to myself and my clients. That is a lot to have on my team. Because of Sandy and Lisa, my confidence just kept on building and my business began to grow.”

Persistent listening is a frequently neglected skill, both in business relationships and personal ones, but it’s crucial for mutual understanding and success. From a business standpoint, persistent listening is empathetically listening to consumers in order to learn about them, understand their sentiments and values, and put that knowledge to productive use. 

By Stephen Monaco

Listening, really listening, is hard. We’re often too preoccupied by our own life situations to devote our full attention to what our spouses, family members, friends, and co-workers have to say, but failing to listen is detrimental to any relationship.

About the Author

Stephen Monaco headshot

Stephen Monaco is an integrated marketing expert, thought leader, innovator, author, and speaker. As a marketing consultant and social business strategist, Monaco advises companies on driving strategies and leveraging digital media to effectively realize business goals. He welcomes anyone to reach out to him on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+.  


SCORE Helps Novices Start, Improve Small Businesses - Jill Thurston

Thu, 2013-06-27 10:05

Giving a twist to the adage, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks," SCORE has as its motto: "We teach new dogs old tricks."

The "old tricks" come from seasoned business people, mainly retirees, who volunteer to offer their expertise to the next generation.

Entrepreneurial Ally - Stephanie Harris-Holley

Thu, 2013-06-27 09:59

Turning your passion into a business is a fantastic endeavor, but it also includes a great deal of work and risk. Charlotte entrepreneurs don’t have to take the journey all alone. SCORE, a national nonprofit organization, offers numerous resources to support entrepreneurs.

Job losses that occurred during the recession spurred many into action as entrepreneurs. Davida Jackson is one of the many  who suffered a job loss. She had experience in the communications field, but after her job loss, she didn’t take the often-traveled path toward public relations.

A checklist to make sure that your customers can find your business through all the available avenues.

If your customers can't find you then your business will fail. This eGuide from Yext and SCORE will help you make sure that you are doing everything to make it easier for your customers, current and future, to find your business. Ensure you have the correct listing on all the available platforms from Yelp! to social media. Download the Location Information Check List and don't get lost.

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