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Managing Your Cash Flow


This free online business workshop will: illustrate the importance of analyzing your cash flow, help you prepare a cash budget, and explain the methods of determining cash in and cash out.

Preparing a Cash Budget


This free online business workshop will help you gain insights on how to: budget your cash receipts and disbursements, determine your cash reserve requirements, and put it all together with provided worksheets.

A video with 3 Client Success Testimonials

This is a video Directed and Produced by Andy Crittenden (andy.crittenden@gmail.com)  It contains interviews with the founders of 3 companies that SCORE assisted.  It is narrated by our Chapter President, Michael Scotto. Watch, listen and enjoy!

How SCORE Helped

View the Video to see how SCORE assisted these three successful businesses.


B. Lou Guckian, the founder of Fish Hook, has had a long -time relationship with SCORE. More than ten years ago Ms. Guckian contacted the San Antonio SCORE Chapter when seeking guidance to help her father get his BBQ Sauce company up and running. Daddy’s BBQ Sauce became a successful manufacturer and distributor. So in 2007 when Ms. Guckian wanted to get a business plan completed to start her home-based creative writing business, she once again turned to SCORE for advice. Ms.Guckian met with three San Antonio SCORE counselors to get advice on her business plan.

Ms. Guckian specializes in helping small businesses in particular conceptualize and establish a unique and competitive brand, and helps them to apply this brand across the organization, including instilling original web sites with fresh content and in brochures.

B. Lou Guckian
My Location
San Antonio TX
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

In 2008 Ms Guckian was recognized by SBA as the Women-Owned Home-Based Business of the Year for the San Antonio SBA District and for a three state area.

What's Great About My Mentor?

She credits SCORE mentor Liz Lesnick with being willing to spend many hours with her to help her understand the financial forecasts necessary to complete her business plan.


Master of Arts

Communication Arts - 2005

University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

Interdisciplinary Communication - 1993
Southwest Texas State University

Building a Web Site


This free online business workshop will help you gain insights on: how to plan and design an effective and professional Web site, how to drive traffic to your Web site, and put it all together with provided worksheets.



Assessing Your Company's Financial Needs


This free online business workshop will: explain the various sources of financing; provide info on how to assess your company's financial needs, and help you determine the right sources of funding for your business.

Analyzing Your Financial Ratios


Analyzing Your Financial Ratios

This free online business workshop will: help you understand how ratios determine the financial health of your business, explain the 4 types of ratios used in financial analysis, and provide interactive worksheets to help put it all together.

Financial Ratios

Analyzing Your Competition


Analyzing Your Competition

This free online business workshop will: show you how to gather competitive intelligence, provide case studies, and help you be ready for the competition.

Advertising Your Business


This free online business workshop will help you: identify your target audience and how to reach it, develop a successful advertising campaign within your budget, explore the different advertising options with key tips for success.

Workshop: Advertise Your Business

How the Web Changes Marketing


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