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Learn how to choose the best legal structure for your new business.

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • "C" Corporation 
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Partnership
  • "S" Corporation              
  • Limited Liability Company

(This information is provided for guidance only. Competent legal accounting advice should be obtained to assist you in making a decision on form of organization)

Woman Goes Online to Help Businesses - Lusvardi, Churchill, Reid

Tue, 2013-03-26 11:35

Elizabeth Hughes-Callison has used her work experience to start a Decatur-based business intended to help companies in need of assistance.  EHC Admin Services is able to provide administrative support for businesses, sales personnel and other busy people, Hughes-Callison said. Services include administrative bookkeeping, word processing, notarizing and accounts payable.

After taking the First Step FastTrac course offered by SCORE at Millikin University, Hughes-Callison decided her business plan was viable.


Forging New Ground - Chris Cashman

Thu, 2013-03-21 09:47

“Women are still forging new ground,” said Marianne Markowitz, regional administrator of the Small Business Administration.  Markowitz toured Direct Steel Thursday, a woman-owned general contractor, supply and construction firm at 3321 S. Route 31, Crystal Lake.

President Rosemary Swierk started the company in 2004.  “SCORE assigned me a retired general contractor as a mentor,” she said. “That relationship has been very beneficial.”

NuSound Hearing Center

INTRODUCING A NEW TOPEKA BUSINESS AND ITS ENTREPRENEUR, BELINDA GONZALES.  NuSound Hearing Center has just celebrated its first year in business.  It is a family business with a Gonzales daughter, Marissa, as one of its two full-time employees.  Husband, Sam, serves as a business partner but is employed full-time as the Topeka Postmaster.  The Gonzales’ are 17 year Topeka residents.  Sam’s job as an area USPS manager brought them here from Amarillo with a few stops between.

A stay-at-home mom for many years, Belinda has since had a varied business background, including working for a local radio station but 8 years ago found her passion as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.  Working with hearing needs convinced her that providing better sound for others was her place in life.   Her greatest satisfaction is the ability to develop personal relationships with her customers.  As an entrepreneur her role is 24-7, but she nonetheless is able to break away from the office and concentrate on family and community to complete her full life.

 NuSound sells and services hearing aid products manufactured by a number of different suppliers.  It can thus tailor products to specific customer needs.  Belinda’s success is her ability to provide her customers with better sound for themselves, their families and friends.  Her radio background honed her advertising skills shown in her imaginative ads.

Blenda and Sam Gonzales
My Location
5950 SW 28th Street
Topeka 66614
United States
Year Company Formed
How SCORE Helped

  As an attendee of the SCORE Roundtable, Belinda’s needs of SCORE were minimal because of her confidence and experience.  She nonetheless compliments one of SCORE’s volunteers for continually passing on advertising tips and tidbits that have been of help.  Find NuSound at www.nusoundhearing.com.


Belinda has had a varied business background, including working for a local radio station but 8 years ago found her passion as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Oak Parker Works to Launch Liqueur Business - Meredith Morris

Tue, 2013-03-19 10:07

The perfect way to end a lovely meal will be with a glass of Creme Di Melicello, if Oak Park entrepreneur Melissa Reynolds has her way.  Reynolds, 43, a grade school teacher and graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute culinary school in New York City, invested a year in tinkering with recipes for the traditional Italian digestif Crema De Limoncello. Now she is launching her own business, adding her name — Melicello for Melissa — to signify her personal taste twist.

SCORE ExpertAnswers

When Jill Konrath recognized that the crazy-busy work environment was wreaking havoc with sellers, she immersed herself in the issue until she discovered new strategies that worked. That resulted in her highly acclaimed book, SNAP Selling, which jumped to #1 on Amazon within hours of its release, joining her previous book, Selling to Big Companies, as one of the site’s most popular sales titles. 

Jill has worked with large companies like IBM, GE, and Staples as well as numerous small businesses. She’s also shared her insights and ideas via TV, leading business publications, and on her website jillkonrath.com which contains a wealth of free resources. 



All customers begin as leads, but is it possible to differentiate a “good lead” from one that may have a lower chance of panning out? 

About the Author

Sales expert Jill Konrath is the author of two best-selling titles, SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies, has trained sales teams at Fortune 1000 brands including IBM, GE and Staples, and works with numerous small businesses to provide the same high-quality sales training normally available to large corporations. Visit her website at jillkonrath.com.


       After working for more than 25 years in the publishing industry, the company I worked 
for downsized and I accepted an attractive buyout package. Now I’d like to start my own 
business. What do I do first?



About the Author

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Vintage Surcees Offers Unique, Classic Looks and Handmade Gifts - Ettie Newlands

Mon, 2013-03-11 11:02

Surcees is a distinctly Southern word that means “wonderful surprise.”  And that’s exactly what Surcees Vintage Clothing and Handmade Gifts in Surfside Beach is.  Owner Erin Adams says the vintage clothes “have lived and loved” and now need to be passed on to the next person who’ll treasure them.

Her natural gift for merchandising and marketing helps. So does the SCORE workshop she took to hone those skills.


Peg’s Salt Has Savory Prospects - Kathy Johnson

Mon, 2013-03-11 10:16

Cass Cannon is an entrepreneur. She’s followed her heart—plus gone into a lot of research and training—to start her own new business, “Peg’s Salt.”

She learned about what she was getting into before jumping off the new business cliff. “A year ago I went to SCORE,” a nonprofit association of volunteer business counselors throughout the U.S. with offices in Waynesboro and Charlottesville. Then she filled out the incorporation papers online. “Doing Peg’s Salt was like a no brainer,” Cannon said.

Needles & Notions - Kathaleen Roberts

Mon, 2013-03-11 09:57

Step into the skylightflooded fiber room at Yarn & Coffee and it's nearly impossible not to pet the product.

When California transplant Deborah Grossman got laid off from her Santa Fe IT job, she knew exactly what to do. The dream of owning a yarn shop had been festering inside her for a good 10 years.

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