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A two-sided flyer designed to instruct prospective clients how to sign up for counseling.  

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          I’m in the process of establishing a graphic design/web development business. 
Should I form a corporation? 


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La Comunidad Hispana

SCORE’s relationship with LCH has evolved over the last two years from an advisory capacity to their board to a full fledged partnership which is focused on bringing entrepreneurship and business practices to the large Hispanic community in southern Chester County. SCORE mentors John Jackson , Horace Scherer and Bob Fedor are regular members of LCH’s monthly marketing committee and often conduct special projects related to marketing and general business practices. This is expected to continue indefinitely as the CEO, Margarita Mirkil and the Chair, Alice Moorhead have deemed this an invaluable assistance to LCH. Over the last year the relationship between SCORE and LCH has led to the formation of a workshop “Business Skills for Success for Latino Entrepreneurs”. LCH is the host and a key marketing force behind this effort. In the Fall of 2013, 15 clients graduated from this 8 week course. This has grown to about 30 clients for the current 2014 spring course. Horace Scherer is now a key instructor in the program. This effort has garnered very favorable media and political attention for both SCORE and LCH.


La Comunidad Hispana

Providing integrated health care, social and adult educational services designed to help immigrant and low income residents stay healthy, build strong families and lead productive, fulfilling lives.


LCH offers a wide range of resources to meet the needs of Hispanic and low-income residents of southern Chester County. Each year, approximately 2,300 people receive services that include information and referral, translation and advocacy, case management, life-skills training, adult education and legal assistance.


We started with an idea for a new approach to single use items. TreeSleeve was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective; to mobilize the coffee industry into a force of good against deforestation through great design.

We use 3 billion coffees sleeves per year deforesting about half a million trees. Instead, TreeSleeves are made of 100% upcycled sugarcane meaning no new trees or wildlife is destroyed to create our product. Additionally, for every TreeSleeve sold, we plant a tree in a deforested part of the world. Tree planting revitalizes communities by providing jobs, fostering economic development, and decreasing the effects of harmful natural disasters like flooding, erosion and climate change. (visit www.treesleeve.com for more information)

SCORE has been by our side from the beginning.

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Ray Fraser
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Hartford CT
United States
How SCORE Helped

I've been working with SCORE mentors for a year. I came with an idea of a reusable product. With SCORE's help, a product was developed, tested and consumer tested. I could not have done this without them (SCORE)!

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