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Success Story - SCORE Client "Link Coworking"

How SCORE Helped

Founded on October 9th, 2010, Link Coworking is a membership club located in central Austin that brings people together who share the need for a place to conduct their business in an interactive space.

 Members choose to work from Link not only because it provides them with a comfortable work environment and boosts their productivity, but also because they gain a new community of coworkers and the ability to network with people in many different industries.

After the success of Link Coworking, Liz Elam decided to open a second  space, Link Too. While Link Too is founded on the same principles of Link Coworking, it is a little bit different from the original space. Link Too is more geared toward people who desire a more quiet workspace. 

Elam realized that there was a trend toward dedicated desk space in coworking, and she was starting to lose members because she doesn’t offer it. So, when creating Link Too she decided to include dedicated desk space, private offices, and phone booths. Link Too also offers members 24x7 access, whereas the original Link closes at 6:00 pm every day.

2012 Sam's Club Contest and Austin Woman magazine

In collaboration with SCORE, Sam's Club Giving Program recognizes 102 businesses every year and awards them a $1000 gift card to help purchase merchandise necessary for growth. Recipients are also given travel and access to a two-day "High Speed Growth Seminar" aimed to help businesses across the nation reach success.   Liz Elam was chosen as one of the 2012 winners.  In 2013, Liz was featured in the Austin Woman magazine's March issue.  In early 2014, Liz was interviewed by Forbes. Congratulations Liz on all your accomplishments!

How Austin SCORE Helped

Link Coworking has been a client of Austin SCORE since 2008. The mentors at SCORE have guided her from the beginning and now into this next level of growth.   Liz Elam, the curator of Link Coworking says “I don’t know what I would have done without SCORE.  I would recommend SCORE to anyone starting a business or looking to take their business to the next level.”


Liz Elam - Austin, TX

Business: Link Coworking

Started: 2010





Bohrmann Knives Receives National Recognition as Outstanding Small Business Launched by an Individual Aged 50+ from The SCORE Foundation Sponsored by Deluxe Corporation

Wed, 2012-08-08 13:51

Washington DC─ Bohrmann Knives has been chosen as this year’s recipient for the prestigious Outstanding Small Business Launched by an Individual Aged 50+ award given by The SCORE Foundation and sponsored by Deluxe Corporation. SCORE, -www.SCORE.org- mentors to America’s small business, serves over 350,000 clients annually and honors their most successful clients at The SCORE Foundation’s 4th Annual SCORE Awards Gala celebrating excellence on Thursday, August 16th in New Orleans, LA.

SCORE Awards Put a Spotlight on Small Business Success

Mon, 2012-08-06 09:16

Entrepreneurs and Supporters Honored for Creating Jobs and Helping to Improve the Economy at August Event

Washington, D.C. — SCORE, -www.score.org- mentors to America’s small business, announces the winners of the 4th annual SCORE Awards for entrepreneurial excellence and support of America’s small businesses. The SCORE Awards gala will be held August 16th in New Orleans, LA.

Chic and Cheerful

I was a regular customer and consignor of this shop.  I’ve shopped consignment shops for 20+ yrs. When the owner informed me she would be closing the store to move out of state something inside me took hold.  I already had a full time job of 16 yrs. at a nearby private school but something in me said (and my husband said|) “SO WHAT, JUST DO IT.  So I did!

Terri Adams
My Location
6707 Johnny Mercer Blvd.
Wilmington Is.,Savannah 31410
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

Business is growing. We are able to do more advertising so more and more people are discovering our shop.  When purchased the store was a hodgepodge of merchandise but  we quickly change the direction to a boutique consignment shop exclusively for women full of new and nearly new clothing and all accessories.  We changed the back of the store from a storage area into a second dressing room, seating area and space to display more merchandise. We have been carefully building our consignor base of quality items and have grown from 78 valued consignors to 0ver 200.  The relationship we have with our consignors and most of our customers is our greatest success, I feel.  They’re like extended family.  I am now able to be full time in the shop and it’s wonderful!

What's Great About My Mentor?

Mr. Gary Johnson is so easy to talk with and made me feel like a family member right away.  Gary has a clear vision of what is needed and what is necessary.  I feel secure with his advice.  When I bounce ideas off to him his is positive and supportive but methodic in how we should or should not proceed. I believe in the slow and steady pace.  I am thankful for his honesty and persistence in “nudging” me. 

How SCORE Helped

Contacting SCORE was one of the best things I’ve done!  I had bought the business about 8 mths prior.  I had begun to feel somewhat overwhelmed and in need of help to regain my footing and direction.  I needed help to organize and to set priorities.  It’s been invaluable.  After my first meeting with my mentor, Mr. Gary Johnson, I was empowered and reenergized.  Gary sent me off with a little “homework” assignment that was to be only the beginning of our mentorship.  It is a gift and a blessing to have this available.


Some retail experience in my early years as well as being in the executive offices of Macy’s on Peachtree St. in Atl. My college courses were towards teaching not business.

In January/February of 2012 I attended a business course that UGA in conjunction with SCORE provided to new business owners and entrepeneurs.  It was truly a God send.  What an eye opening experience that has helped me in every way every day.


Sales at my specialty toy store are extremely seasonal, with the vast majority of revenue
coming in the last quarter of the year. Surviving until the holidays has long been a challenge.
What can I do to make the rest of the year less of a high-wire act?

Sales at my specialty toy store are extremely seasonal, with the vast majority of revenue
coming in the last quarter of the year. Surviving until the holidays has long been a challenge.
What can I do to make the rest of the year less of a high-wire act?  Read more.....

Steve Strauss, founder of www.theselfemployed.com, explains what makes a business contract valid and gives tips for entering into one correctly.

Q: I have been doing business with a guy for a few years. Last month, I found someone who offers what he has been selling me for a lot less and so I severed our relationship. He now informs me that we have a “contract” and that I am obligated to give him 60 days' notice. That cannot be right, can it?



Late Boomer Bloomers: Older Workers Carve Out New Careers to Stall Retirement

Mon, 2012-07-02 10:08

In Florida's Collier County, SCORE Naples has helped seniors find new careers or start new businesses.

“Given the economy, a lot of people who come to our workshops have been laid off or want another career opportunity or to start a business,” said George Ahearn, chairman of SCORE Naples. “Giving back to the community is something we do. We can take our wisdom and share it.”

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