These tools can be your first step towards small business success. Then, get advice to help you on your way.

Business Planning Templates

Use the templates below, then meet with a SCORE mentor for expert business planning advice.

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Special thanks to the Seattle SCORE Chapter for developing these user-friendly planning templates.


Planning for success gives your business a direct roadmap for how to get there. These tips offer advice on specific ways to plan ahead, strategize and avoid pitfalls before they take your enterprise off track.

SCORE and MassMutual know how important it is to get good advice. That is why, for SCORE’s 50th anniversary, we are sharing helpful, relevant, and succinct tips for your business success. The tips are based on real-life experiences and successes from people like you.

During each month, we will be posting new leadership tips and case studies here. Check back often to learn more as we celebrate you this entire year.


Retirement Plans aren't just for big companies Meme

This tool is the slides for Simple Steps Session 2 - Business Concepts as presented as presented by the Greater Bridgeport chapter. 

This tool is the slides for Simple Steps Session 2 - Business Concepts  as presented by the Greater Bridgeport chapter. ​

Broward SCORE supports South Florida Minorities

Fri, 2014-03-21 01:02

Broward SCORE Participated in South Florida Minority Supplier Development Council’s 29th Annual Business Exposition on March 21st, 2014.

SCORE Volunteers Angelica Love Valentine and George Gremse informed attendees about SCORE services and discussed business counseling and workshop programs.

Art and Elixir

Terri Roberts and Tara Connolly
My Location
876 7th Street West, #107
St. Paul, MN 55102
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

A&E was started from scratch by the co-founders, who met while pursuing  their individual faux finishing (decorative) businesses.  They also developed their business concept and determined niche markets they wanted to pursue, including local corporations.  They developed a website,, and have aggressively used online marketing efforts to establish their brand, boost word-of-mouth endorsements, promote online registrations for events and build their business.

How SCORE Helped

"I don't think we'd be where we are without you guys", Terri said. After developing their business concept, they contacted SCORE in May 2013 to help them get the business going.  They met regularly every month with their SCORE mentors, who encouraged them to formally establish a partnership agreement, recommend and review marketing campaigns and help them keep on track to meet their goals.  They also said the process helped them feel more accountable for what they accomplished, as well as what needed to be done to build their brand, sustain their business and make it grow.   Bruce Becker and Doyle Larkin stayed with us till we were successful.

Fashion Protection - Trademark Basics and Fashion Compliance


Do you have a retail or e-commerce store? Do you sell through sites like Etsy®? If so, do you know what laws your business should be following? Do you want to learn how to protect your brand? Are you concerned about preserving your brand’s reputation after trademark registration?Fashion Compliance image

Starting a business is not easy.  An entrepreneur needs to understand and express his/her passion. To do so means developing a mission statement and a plan. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Starting a business also requires enthusiasm, energy, and persistence to market your business concepts to suppliers, customers and investors. For an entrepreneur to succeed today, he/she has to be willing to walk through walls.


Man and WomanWhen an entrepreneur thinks about starting a business, there are two distinct concepts critical to success:


Passion was described best by Steve Jobs -

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Bert Shlensky HeadshotBert Shlensky​ is an expert in Internet Marketing and apparel. Very Knowledgeable in Executing Import and Export Business. Years of experience in integrating strategy and logistics. Over 30 years of executive experience as a results-driven executive leader in the textile, apparel and internet marketing fields. Strong track record of achieving growth and operating profitability in start-up, internet and turnaround businesses. Most recently I initiated several entrepreneurial startup businesses selling home furnishings on the Internet which achieved sales within 6-10 months of their funding and had a major internet component. These programs were all based on combining Chinese production, internet marketing, SEO, PPC, social media and innovative logistics to market high-quality home furnishings to consumers.

How to start a business

In this article, you’ll find topics ranging from testing your business idea to creating a plan, structuring your company, and building a successful team. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know much more about cash control, financial management, funding a business, building business credit, and a number of other vital topics

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