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Job growth has been gaining in the private sector for 39 consecutive months. How is that growth is happening? SCORE and Zipcar have put together this infographic to explain exactly how employment and hiring have grown after the recession. Learn how and why businesses are filling new jobs. Find out where companies are looking for quality candidates. Learn the role social media is playing during the hiring process.
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SCORE's CEO, Kenneth R. Yancey, gives advice for maintaining motivation and focus in your home office.

Running your small business from home has many benefits—from saving money to saving time to never having to wear a suit and tie. But for many entrepreneurs, working from home also leads to some serious motivational challenges. With everything from the refrigerator to the TV to your next-door neighbors tempting you to goof off, how can you get motivated and focus on your business? Try these tips.

Small business today is about making decisions concerning your employees that will effect your business for years to come. Ranging from retirement benefits to healthcare, use this eGuide from Paychex to help answer those questions before they become pressing concerns.

Top 10 HR Issues: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Top 10 HR Issues

How to become and stay compliant with ever-changing labor laws & regulations

Managing a business keeps you busy enough. How can you also stay up to date with ever-changing labor laws and regulations? View this free workshop, presented by Paychex, where you will learn to assess your level of HR compliance within your organization. 
Specifically, this workshop will cover:

SCORE's CEO, Kenneth R. Yancey, offers advice for adding virtual employees to your small business team.

If you’re thinking about hiring virtual employees, you don’t need to hide the fact from clients or customers. In fact, most businesses today use some kind of virtual assistance on a daily basis, and most consumers would never know it (e.g., customer service). But how do you find the right virtual employee for your business? Here are some steps to take:

How to Avoid 10 Payroll Mistakes That Cost Businesses Money


How to avoid 10 payroll mistakes that cost businesses money

10 Payroll Mistakes

Each year, businesses pay millions of dollars in compliance penalties to government agencies. And those agencies are becoming ever more vigilant about enforcing regulations.  


This free workshop will help you take the necessary steps to:


Building your team is an exciting step, but some aspects of hiring and managing workers could pose a challenge if you jump in without learning the basics. If you check little legal boxes along the way, the whole process will be easier in the long run. This eGuide to Small Business Hiring will lead you through the whole process.

Running a business on your own means you’re used to working long hours and juggling lots of responsibilities.

Whether your goal is to reduce those long hours, to improve productivity, or to bring in new expertise, hiring independent contractors or employees might be just what your business needs to keep growing.

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Steve Strauss, founder of, discusses the constitutionality of the current health care debates happening before Congress.

Q: Steve: I own my own micro-business and was wondering whether you care to weigh in on the health care debate before the Supreme Court. I just don’t get how Congress could pass a law that makes me buy health insurance. Personally, I think it is un-American.



As business owners think about hiring, however, there’s a strong desire to keep costs down. Many have been optimistic about hiring before, only to scrap those plans when the economy failed to improve. When they do hire, small businesses have a strong desire to get the best people possible in the most cost-effective fashion. 

Year to DateBy Daniel Kehrer

When asked what type of workers they’d hire if they could, 72 percent of business owners said they’d prefer to add temps, independent contractors or part-time workers, while only 26 percent said they’d bring on full-time employees.

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Daniel Kehrer, Founder & Managing Director of BizBest Media Corp., is a nationally-known, award-winning expert on small and local business, start-ups, content marketing, entrepreneurship and social media, with an MBA from UCLA/Anderson. Read more of Daniel's tips at, follow him at and connect on LinkedIn at

Learn the ins and outs of the Americans With Disabilities Act and how to address issues concerning: 

  1. Company policies

  2. Service animals

  3. Mobility devices

  4. Communication efforts

  5. Architectural barriers

Legal Document

Q: I have an employee who tells me that I am not in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. I have a small business that employs about 20 full and part time people. I was under the impression that someone had to have 50 employees or more for the ADA to apply. I can’t seem to figure out what my obligations are. Thanks for your help.


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Steve Strauss HeadshotSteven D. Strauss is a lawyer and writer and is one of the country's leading experts on small business as well as an international business speaker. The best-selling author of 17 books, his latest is the all-new 3rd ed. of The Small Business Bible. You can listen to his weekly podcast, Small Business Success Powered by Greatland, visit his new website for the self-employed, TheSelfEmployed, follow him on Twitter, and "like" TheSelfEmployed on Facebook. You can e-mail Steve at: © Steven D. Strauss

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