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Business owners and entrepreneurs often need to be team builders as well. It might be a project-based team, a team of advisors, employees or problem-solving group. Whatever the team purpose, it’s essential to build it well to achieve the best results.

Here’s some savvy team building advice from Rich Karlgaard, author of “The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success” (Jossey-Bass, 2014), and publisher of Forbes magazine.

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Daniel Kehrer headshotDaniel Kehrer, Founder & Managing Director of BizBest Media Corp., is a nationally-known, award-winning expert on small and local business, start-ups, content marketing, entrepreneurship and social media, with an MBA from UCLA/Anderson. Read more of Daniel's tips at, follow him at and connect on LinkedIn at
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When initially launching a business, many entrepreneurs and stakeholders consider sacrificing safety and comfort to save every cent they can. Entrepreneurs and their supporters will often gladly work their fingers to the bone to be part of something special, unique, and hopefully, profitable.

Companies created and run on shoestring budgets may eventually transform into successful businesses with real employees and real workspaces.

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Michael Acosta headshotMichael Acosta is a partner at Acosta & Williams LLC. As an attorney, he specializes in the areas of pharmaceutical litigation, personal injury, premises liability, auto and truck accidents, toxic torts, property and air contamination, and wrongful death. He is licensed to practice in the courts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Connect with Michael on Twitter and Google+.

Broward SCORE supports South Florida Minorities

Fri, 2014-03-21 01:02

Broward SCORE Participated in South Florida Minority Supplier Development Council’s 29th Annual Business Exposition on March 21st, 2014.

SCORE Volunteers Angelica Love Valentine and George Gremse informed attendees about SCORE services and discussed business counseling and workshop programs.

Veritas Marketing, LLC

Holly Jo Anderson
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Veritas Marketing has prospered in an extremely competitive, fast-changing industry in the Twin Cities market, which boasts several of the nation's largest advertising firms and dozens of others.  The agency's creativity and marketing savvy have been recognized with numerous national and international awards.  In addition, Holly and the agency have devoted their time and talent to helping a number of non-profit organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, Survivor Resources, and the Minneapolis Chapter of SCORE.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Besides Tommy Thompson, Holly Jo has been helped by the following list which keeps growing:  Dean Swanson, Randi Luoto, Loren Herbst, Virgil Dissmeyer, Dan Shidla, Bruce Becker, Richard Parrish, Jim Handy, Marty Worth, Greg Boettner, Marshall Jones, Mark Ratner, David Miller, Rick Barkley, Wayne Herivel, Brian Alwin and others.

How SCORE Helped

SCORE counseled Holly in developing a business plan for Veritas.  She said her long-time SCORE mentor, the late Tommy Thompson, helped the firm navigate through a legal situation with their former employer and was an invaluable sounding board for many years.  Also, he advised Holly when her two partners decided to leave the firm.

Have you ever ordered something online from a store you’ve never bought from before? Have you waited and wondered why your order didn’t arrive in a timely manner?

For customers, this experience is frustrating, and as a small business owner, disruptions in your supply chain that inhibit your ability to fill customer orders can be devastating.

How do you keep things afloat without losing your hard-earned market share? It’s important to understand what can go wrong in a supply chain and how to recover from problems when they do arise.

External Factors That Impact Supply Chains

For several years, China and the Far East have been marketed as the smart bet for outsourcing manufacturing due to lower labor costs and fewer regulatory barriers. Most companies choose these suppliers to reduce costs, but there are several disadvantages that make overseas suppliers risky in the long run.

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Ambrose ConroyAmbrose Conroy is the founder of Seraph, as well as a member of its executive team. Seraph works with clients to transform, relocate, or restructure their business operations. Seraph consultants bring experience in exploiting emerging markets, wringing profit from troubled operations, and accelerating product development.  Ambrose is a hands-on management consultant and corporate problem solver who regularly works with leading international companies in the automotive, aerospace, energy infrastructure, and medical technology/device sectors.  


            I’m a retired sales and marketing guy who’s recently purchased a local convenience store. What are some of the key numbers I should be monitoring to successfully manage the business’ finances?

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            This column is brought to you by the Merrimack Valley Chapter of SCORE, with nearly 70 current and former business executives available to provide free, confidential, one-on-one business mentoring and training workshops for area businesses. Call 603-666-7561 or visit for information on mentoring, upcoming workshops and volunteer opportunities. SCORE is a national, non-profit organization and a resource partner of the U. S. Small Business Administration.

Making the Outsourcing Option Work for Your Small Business

Sat, 2014-03-01 12:01

Making the Outsourcing Option Work for Your Small Business


By Bruce Michalski – SCORE Mentor



As your business grows, so too do the complexities of its operation. You may well reach a point where certain functions are costing money or compromising efficiency, and diverting your attention from more critical core aspects.


Hot Markets! Hot Trends! Hot Businesses! Great Ideas For Small Business Owners


What's Hot ImageSpring is (finally) here and there’s no better time to embrace new concepts, ideas and markets to propel your small business. Find out what business trends you should incorporate into your company, what markets are driving sales and how you can give your business a spring cleaning.


The most important issue to determine is what, how and how many you want. For example, I get clients who say, “I want to import apparel”, which is about as useful as I want to go out to dinner. The more information you have, the easier it is to develop relationships, find suppliers, and get reliable information.

Woman World MapWhy Consider Importing?

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Bert Shlensky HeadshotExpert in Internet Marketing and apparel. Very Knowledgeable in Executing Import and Export Business. Years of experience in integrating strategy and logistics. Over 30 years of executive experience as a results-driven executive leader in the textile, apparel and internet marketing fields. Strong track record of achieving growth and operating profitability in start-up, internet and turnaround businesses. Most recently I initiated several entrepreneurial startup businesses selling home furnishings on the Internet which achieved sales within 6-10 months of their funding and had a major internet component. These programs were all based on combining Chinese production, internet marketing, SEO, PPC, social media and innovative logistics to market high-quality home furnishings to consumers.

Cash Flow Template in Excel 

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