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This is a website that has a huge accumulation of articles, links, videos and audios for small start up businesses.  It is available in English or Espanol.  It has a distinct international flavor reflected in its articles and featured areas of the world.  It is a combined sponsorship by IBM and the IFC , International Finance Corp.

The home page first lists an expanding list of topcs followed by area of the world.   Articles may be printed or downloaded.    Topics are:  Accounting, Business Budgets, Legal & Insurance, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, Technology, etc.   There is an area for free business forms.   A viewer may register and list their services or business for others to contact.  One area displays regulatory agencies by State.

The SME ToolKit site is Click Here

My overhead door installation and repair business is nearing the end of what has been a successful first year. We’ve managed to keep some decent financial records, but with tax time coming up in a few months, we need some professional help. How do I go about finding the right people?  Read more....

This guide will help you understand the lending process and improve your chances of being approved.

Link to Small Biz Open Mic website


Select and watch one of these super 1-3 minute videos.  You can learn how to market, how to grow revenues and sales, how to track your success, what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how financial statements can save your life, and more...


Marketing & Sales Videos

1. The Marketing Message - Improving Yours

2. Direct Marketing - Creating a Business Using

Broward SCORE Lights Up Small Businesses with 101 Surefire Ideas

Thu, 2011-09-22 14:28

The 101 Surefire Ideas To Help Grow Your Business symposium held at Nova Southeastern University on Saturday April 30. 2011 was well received by the many participants. The free event was organized and run by the Broward Chapter of Score and sponsored by the Davie Costco, Office Edge and Radio 880 AM.

Money, Money, Money Exposition Brings Professionals and Entrepreneurs Together

Mon, 2011-07-04 14:24

Ft Lauderdale SCORE held a successful exposition on June 25, 2011 that created the opportunity for small business owners and those planning on starting a business to meet with experienced professionals in finance, banking, and other key areas.


Every new business has questions about taxes.  Our counselors can answer general questions but since taxes are complex and always evoling, a entrepreneur should consult their accountant for detail guidance.  However, the state makes many resources available on their web sites to help you identify when you need help.   The two categories are: Income taxes for individuals, as business owners, and sales/use taxes  applied to taxable sales.  Click these links to many online resources.

The two broad categories of TAXES are: 

Income Tax for individuals and businesses.  The link above also discusses tax prepareers and property tax.

If you don't have your financial plan in order, you're not ready to start or grow in your business venture.  Use this valuable tool to get an expert view at the financial strength of your company.  

Be sure to bring this document to your mentoring session.  Or you can also take our Financial Statements workshop in the Los Angeles area to help you get going.

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