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Linda Richardson Diou

Linda Richardson Diou

Current City: Manchester, ME
Chapter: Augusta SCORE
  • Develop strategy and align metrics and employee goals
  • Lead profitable change and turnaround
  • Increase productivity and reduce waste 
  • Continual process improvement
  • Redesign business processes
  • Acquisition target analysis and due diligence
  • Successfully merge acquired businesses
  • Distribution network plan & implementation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Improve P&L    
  • Supplier management
  • Data analysis, conclusions, solutions


Richard Gallagher

Richard Gallagher

Current City: Carlsbad, CA

Sales, Marketing, General Management in International Shipping Industry including temperature controlled or " refrigerated" commodity segments.

Also possess Calif DRE Sales License for Real Estate.

Have sold and leased residential property .



BS Business Admin Temple University Phila, Pa.</p>

MBA Pepperdine University Los Angeles, Ca.</p>


Perry Collins

Perry Collins

Current City: Roanoke, IN
Chapter: Fort Wayne SCORE

Perry is semi-retired working as a Consultant specializing in Leadership Training and Military Outreach.  He is owner of Collins and Associates Consulting LLC.  He also is a regional photography artist and has a small studio on Main Street Roanoke, Indiana.

Perry retired after serving 2 years and 4 months as Vice President of the College of Professional Studies, Indiana Institute of Technology (Indiana Tech). Perry drove more than 73 thousand miles during this period to provide leadership to 12 sites. During this period revenue has grown by an outstanding 72%.  Fishers, Mishawaka, and Hammond sites were developed and launched. A Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and PhD in Global Leadership were also started during this period. Most recently Perry helped the University develop a very aggressive marketing program to the military. A generous scholarship is helping soldiers and their spouses attain college degrees.

Collins came to Indiana Tech after serving as director of the EXCEL Program for Adults at Huntington University. During his two years at Huntington he increased enrollment by 67% and exceeded all income projections for both fiscal years he was the Director.   

He retired as a Colonel and Vice Commander of the 122nd Fighter Wing. He began his military career by enlisting in the Indiana Air National Guard, Fort Wayne, in 1964. The Indianapolis Star/News selected him for the prestigious Eugene C Pulliman Military Achievement Award in 1969. He attained the grade of Master Sergeant within seven years and was the unit's first active duty recruiter. He was accepted for the Air National Guard Academy of Military Science and received his commission in 1973. He has served as the chief career control officer, information officer, chief of personnel actions section, chief of security police, chief of personnel, base executive officer, commander of the combat support squadron, support group commander, and chief of staff before assuming the position of vice commander in August 2000.  He was awarded the Legion of Merit and the Sagamore of the Wabash Awards during his retirement ceremony in 2003.


Willene Jo White

Willene Jo White

Current City: Ottumwa, IA


James Drummond

James Drummond

Current City: Ormond Beach, FL

5 years as sales manager for Sony Corporation, 8 years director of marketing for Hitachi Corporation, 3 years as vice president and general manager at Minelab USA, Inc.



Master&#39;s Degree from the University of Edinburgh. Studies in Communications at the University of Florida Studies in psychology at Mercer University</p>

Shelby Handley

Shelby Handley

Current City: Columbus, GA
Chapter: SCORE Columbus


Jeff Twiddy

Jeff Twiddy

Current City: Louisville, OH


Registered Representative at Western & Southern Brokerage Services

Western & Southern Financial Group

May 2013 – Present (9 months)

6539 Market Avenue N Canton, Ohio 44721


Financial Representative at Western & Southern Life

Western & Southern Life

2012 – Present (2 years)

Canton, Ohio


Mathematics Instructor

Canton City Schools

2006 – 2013 (7 years)Canton, Ohio Area

Canton McKinley Sr. High School
• Advanced Calculus
• Advanced Geometry
• Advanced Algebra 2 w/ Trigomometry
• Probability (Senior Level)
• Ohio Graduation Test Prep

Football Coach

Canton McKinley Bulldogs

2006 – 2013 (7 years)Canton, Ohio Area

• Coordinate Varsity Wide Receivers
• Passing Game Coordinator
• Quarterback Coach
• Head JV Coach
• Head Freshmen Coach




June 2011 – August 2012 (1 year 3 months)

Louisville Ohio


AmSpirit - Hall Of Fame Chapter

Vice President

January 2014 – Present


Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce


January 2013 – Present


Jackson Regional Chamber of Commerce


February 2013 – Present


Louisville Regional Chamber of Commerce


October 2013 – Present




Six Sigma Certified


March 2012 – Present


CPR / First Aid

American Red Cross

August 2012 – August 2015




Game Plan Your Future: A Guideline to Collegiate Athletics, Academics, & Funding

January 2013

  • We help parents and student athletes make sure they are prepared for college academically, athletically, & financially. 

Volunteer Coach

NFL All Pro Dad

July 2008 – Present (5 years 7 months)Children

  • Since 2002, the All Pro Dad Father & Kids Experience has been held 70 times in 21 different NFL, MLB, and NCAA markets (Indianapolis, Tampa, Miami, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Kansas City, St. Louis, St. Petersburg, Charlotte, Detroit, Jacksonville, Houston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Nashville, Canton, Athens, Tallahassee, and Baltimore).


  • We host this event annually in several NFL markets. The Father & Kids Experience is held at the team's practice facility or stadium. During the three-hour event, dads and kids rotate through stations and participate in interactive games designed to strengthen their relationships and deliver useful fatherhood tips.




Walden University

Masters of Business Administration, Risk Management and Corporate Finance

2011 – 2013


Kent State University

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics / Education

2001 – 2006

• OMNOVA Physics Scholarship Recipient
• Pioneer Field of Dreams Scholarship Recipient

Nathanusoro Friday Idio

Nathanusoro Friday Idio

Current City: Chambersburg, PA
Chapter: Hagerstown SCORE


Michael Shank

Michael Shank

Current City: Columbia, MO

Expertise gained from training and experience in sales, sales management, business growth, product and market strategy, international sales and distribution, contract negotiation, and general management.  The majority, but not all experience has been related to small business firms.  


One of my favorite sayings is: “Begin with the end in mind.”  This can mean several things in different circumstances, but the most prevalent is to ask oneself, ‘what am I trying to achieve?’, or ‘what is this supposed to look like when I get to the end?’.  It can apply to a multitude of disciplines, be it mechanical, business structure and organization, market or product development, technology, contract arrangements, and internal processes.  


Funding, either to start a business or to permit it to seize opportunities for growth or other opportunities can be a huge challenge. It is often the seemingly impossible hurdle. 


And, take heart; almost all businesses are looking for funding over the life of the firm.  Even successful ones have the same challenges.  Expansion is fundamentally no different that starting a business, so as a business owner it is best to learn this and be good at it as quickly as possible. 


Experience has taught me that regardless of the source of funding, there are three required questions that one should carefully and fully explain:


-How much money do you need?

-How are you going to use it?

-How do you intend to pay it back? 


My experience is that if the business plan explains these three steps fully, with evidence to support the strategies and the assumptions behind them, then the money can be found somewhere and the other structural issues of financing usually can be worked out.   But, deficiencies in any of these leaves glaring holes which will cause hesitation on the part of the lender or equity contributor.  


My bias is in free markets and to focus on buyer and seller motivations in attempting to make deals or in strategizing to offer product to the markets.  This same ‘market based thinking’  or alignment, to my way of thinking applies to all types of business interactions, and relationships, both internal and external.  


Experience shows that fear and greed can be found around every corner as motivators of the human interacting to benefit oneself and should not be taken lightly.   Find the fear, or find the greed and you can probably predict a buyer’s or seller’s (or employee’s or supervisor’s, or banker’s, or pick your discipline) underlying motivation. 


People act more from fear of making the wrong decision than trying to optimize to make the right decision.  This is one of the greatest deterrents to change, and also a huge barrier to accepting a new and improved mousetrap (which you may be offering).  


If you are interested in how I arrived at some of these beliefs (and there are many more for given situations), feel free to further read the details below.  Regardless, my approach in any circumstance is to try and boil it down into workable pieces and parts, and then apply business and economic fundamentals to those pieces.



Upon graduating with degrees in business and marketing, I joined the Peace Corps.  After spending 2-1/2 years in El Salvador working with small scale vegetable farmers and small scale fishing operations, specializing in public markets, I obtained a Masters Degree in Resource Economics.  This is micro-economics or theory of the firm applied to the development of natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable. 


This allowed me to return back to El Salvador with a position with the Inter-American Development Bank to work on an artisan fisheries technological transfer project, assisting fishing cooperatives in obtaining technology and breaking the market restrictions previously held on them.  We were successfully achieving our goals until a small thing called a civil war made it just a tad difficult and we had to leave. 


After finishing that contract, and upon returning to the USA, I worked approximately 15 years for small steel and concrete fabrication firm making floating dock structures for the marina market.  When I joined it was a local regional firm, and during my tenure and grew in my impact of progressing through sales, product development and management we grew into a national firm, expanding from 20 to over 100 employees.  


I took a short term position working for my State Department of Economic Development, specializing in assisting minority and women owned businesses.  It was there I learned the difficulties and trials of start-ups; the challenges of obtaining financing, and building a business.  There is no ‘magic pill’ or panacea of government hand-outs, as much as those folks selling those books on TV want you to believe there is money out there just for the asking.  This period required me to develop some skills to help people help themselves.


After that experience, seeking a return to some type of international involvement, I began in the concrete industry, specifically pre-cast concrete and worked with a firm specializing in selling European equipment into the Americas, with a specific responsibility to develop a market in Latin America. We were successful over a 15 year time period, where we grew from representing 2 European companies from two countries to 9 lines of equipment from 6 countries.  I successfully placed equipment from Chile to Mexico, along with a few in the Caribbean.  Simultaneously I worked the entire USA and Canada.  Thus, I have a vast array of experience of coordinating a foreign buyer with a foreign manufacturer; one might call it melding three cultures in one transaction, as the sale went through our USA company. 


There is more, but at this point, if this doesn’t seem interesting, nothing more will. I do promise, however, to offer you things to think about, and resources to pursue, even if you as a business aren’t sure as to how they fit for you. 


Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 


Onward and Upward.




MS-University of Rhode Island

BS-Missouri State University

Roderick Clovis Casavant

Roderick Clovis Casavant

Current City: Hilton Head Island, SC



Pharmaceutical business leader with track record of team development and successful implementation of high impact strategic and operational initiatives.  Highly engaged servant leader focused on and motivated by developing people, delivering exceptional customer experiences and outstanding results. Consistently demonstrates optimistic and pragmatic approach in challenging situations.

Broad experience in Sales team leadership, Hospital & Account Management, Managed Care/Business to Business Collaborations, Business development licensing & Public Policy.  



                                                   CORE COMPETENCIES

* Leadership and team formation                        * Customer Relationships and Value-Based selling 

* People development            & engagement            * Strategic Collaborations and Negotiating

* Performance Management                          * Contract development and implementation

* Revenue growth and ROI                            * Business Development

* Business Planning and Execution                          * Account Management    

* Managed Care / Payer expertise                        * High Integrity and Compliance





Eli Lilly and Company (Retired) 1982- July 2013

Senior District Sales Manager

Cardiovascular Business Unit                                                                         Present - 2008

Neuroscience Division                                                                                    2007-2008


  • Led a Cardiovascular sales team of 15 representatives focused on hospital account management and delivering exceptional customer experiences promoting oral anti-platelet, statin and erectile dysfunction agents to Interventional/clinical cardiologists and primary care physicians and staffs.
  • Led Neuroscience account team of 12 representatives responsible for promoting in Hospital accounts and Community Mental Health centers. Develop strategic business plans identifying profitable growth opportunities, allocating resource investments and executing territory/district tactics. Coach and model tailored customer interactions to provide exceptional experiences and value leading to achieving business goals.


    Key Accomplishments:

  • Formed and led two Cardiovascular sales teams of 11 and 15 representatives with strong culture of engagement, teamwork and customer service excellence.   Demonstrated success in recruiting, hiring, training  and people development, eg. Development Action Plan for each representative resulting in multiple promotions.   District contributed to Area top ratings on customer value metrics (qualitative feedback).
  • Broad Leadership impact demonstrated in multiple areas: Selected to partner with Area Leadership & Operations to develop and evaluate district restructure options, select optimal approach and rollout across teams – assumed responsibility for expanded district.

Leadership roles – responsible for leading point person teams across Midwest Area:

*Chief Scientific Officer (clinical knowledge preparation for launch) ,

*subsequently held Compliance, Brand, Payer champ roles

*Selected for pilot team to design and execute U.S. Healthcare Journey training program, resulting in a national 2013 implementation for Lilly U.S. Bio Medicine.

  • Teams delivered overall strong Sales Performance:

2008- Achieved 101% to quota on Neuroscience Portfolio revenue of > $60 M revenue

2009 – Top 12%  #5/42 teams portfolio

2010- Ranked as # 1 of 42 teams nationally in lead brand launch year based on

 #1 Portfolio and #1 brand performance

-Excellent compression demonstrated by 5 of 11 territories in top 15% nationally

2011 – top 30% teams key brand -100% to quota, 94% Portfolio

2012 – Top 20% teams (8/41) lead brand – 108% to quota, Brand Turnaround award 101% (2nd half)

           Grew District portfolio revenue to $40+ M


Business to Business National Account Manager                                                                    1997-2007


  • Responsible for Lilly relationships with Pharmacy Benefit Managers – PCS, Advance Paradigm and Caremark. Selected as point person for PCS –Lilly relationship with responsible for C-Level relationships, coordinated Executive partnerships focused on strategic collaborations.
  • Led formulary contract negotiations and execution which included Lilly portfolio ($1B+ purchases).  Partnered with Brand teams, Market research, Contracting and Legal teams to develop multi-M $ service agreements with ongoing ROI assessment.


Key accomplishments:

  • Led transition from Lilly-PCS ownership to customer/account relationship which included successful  renegotiation of contracts and retention of favorable portfolio formulary status. 
  • Successfully led restructured contracting and overall relationship following subsequent acquisitions by Advance Paradigm and Caremark
  • Top 10% performance rank in consecutive years --100+% to goal a (2004-05)



Manager of National Chain and Wholesaler Accounts                                                                        1994-1997

Led team of 4 Account Executives and 2 Marketing associates responsible for Lilly portfolio distribution contracts and strategic initiatives.

Key accomplishments:

  • Lilly selected as Walmart’s vendor of the two consecutive years, 
  • Led development & execution of Lilly’s first time Direct contracting for distribution outside of wholesalers.
  • Successfully formulated, negotiated and implemented new intervention of patient adherence programs.


 Business Development Manager North America                                                             1994-1997

Responsible for strategic development and negotiation of co-promotion, out-licensing agreements

Led or contributed to collaborations including research technology, development compounds and promoted brands

  • Teamed with Research, Brands, Finance & Legal areas to successfully develop and negotiate multiple collaborations


    Public Policy/Corporate Affairs Manager                                                                        1991-1994

Responsible for Federal and State Issue strategy.  Selected as Lilly representative in National Pharmaceutical Council and Pharma Trade group committees on industry issues

 Selected as the Lilly participant on Indiana state commission to evaluate state-wide delivery of health services -- private industry task force recommended specific actions to improve efficiency/effectiveness.  Led Lilly team on Indianapolis business corporate fundraising for Indianapolis Zoo.

  • Received Sagamore of the Wabash -- highest level Governor recognition of service to the State of Indiana
  • Key leadership role in developing strategic business case leading to formation of Lilly’s initial Outcomes research group


Pricing/Corporate Accounts Manager                                                         1988-1991

Led team responsible for strategic development, launch & execution of Lilly’s Corporate Account initiative with Group Purchasing Organizations and Strategic accounts including broad Lilly portfolio and medical device products.   Initiated C-Level senior management relationships and development of strategic collaborations, contract negotiations & execution.

  • Successfully developed agreements with strategic GPOs and hospital accounts leading to formation of expanded organization



Hospital District Sales Manager                                                                                       1987-1998

Retail District Sales Manager                                                                                                1986-1987

Marketing Associate New Product Planning (Neuroscience-Prozac)                                    1984-1986

Retail/Hospital Sales Representative                                                                                    1982-1984



Southwestern Publishing Company, Education Division                                                1980-1982

 Organization leader – recruited and led multiple high performing sales teams selling

educational and religious books door-to-door on 100% commission.

  • Multiple award winner including top sales teams and individual national top sales performance three consecutive years






Northwestern University            Evanston, Illinois                                                       1982

Kellogg School of Management, Master of Management  

Graduated Magna Cum Laude    

Residence Hall Coordinator – Supervised 3 Resident Assistants and 100+ residents

Resident Assistant


University of South Florida     Tampa, Florida                                                                   1980

Chemistry B.A., Business Minor

Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity – President

Resident Assistant

Omicron Delta Kappa National Honor Society

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