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If financial problems have overwhelmed your finances, Bankruptcy may be an option.  Read some of the basics here.


IRS Tax Center:  Employee vs Independent Contractor

It is important you understand the rules for an employee versus who may be an Independent Contractor.  The IRS defines it on this site.,,id=99921,00.html

IRS Tax Center:  Frequent Questions

This page has a lot of the key questions we hear.  Check it out.

IRS Tax Center:  Forms & Publications

You no longer need to visit the IRS to find the forms you need!

IRS Tax Center:  Key Business Taxes

Here are the main types of taxes you need to think about.   Some depend on what business structure you choose.,,id=98966,00.html

IRS Tax Center:  Starting a Business

Taxes are an important part of your new business.  The IRS works hard to help.  If you do the right things, you'll save money and hassles.,,id=110417,00.html

Provides easy and comprehensive access to small business legal information. Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Bankruptcy Law, and other areas are covered. Also section on forms and contracts.

SCORE counselor Ed McCormick how your real estate lease could be a major roadblock in selling your business.

It's never too early to begin planning your exit strategy. SCORE counselor Ed McCormick discusses the process.

Thinking about an exit strategy? Do you shrink the business to try to improve profitability on static or lower sales volume, or do you grow the business? SCORE counselor Ed McCormick looks at the options.

Statistics from over 100 federal and state government agencies.

This guide provides insight into how small businesses can prepare to sell to the U.S. Government. Topics include finding the most lucrative contract opportunities, successfully enrolling for participation in government contracting and tips for winning government contracts. 

SCORE has compiled this helpful list of U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) resources. 

The Office of Advocacy conducts economic research, policy analyses and small business outreach help to identify issues of concern.

Business & Community Initiatives
The Office of Business and Community Initiatives administers programs and activities designed to provide information, education and training to prospective and existing small business owners.

SCORE has compiled this list of useful resources for matters concerning finances.

Accounts World Directory of Accounting Professionals
This database contains more than 35,000 tax and accounting professionals from across the United States.

Angel Investor News
Angel Investor News provides entrepreneurs and investors with information about private investment, technology trends and financing trends.

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