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From Our Community: Rules for Customer Service and More

Sat, 2014-03-01 10:53

In our community news and information roundup, we collect small business sources from across the Web. Here are some important links from the sites we’ve been following this week.

Have Clear Rules for Customer Service (Click Click)


            I’m a retired sales and marketing guy who’s recently purchased a local convenience store. What are some of the key numbers I should be monitoring to successfully manage the business’ finances?

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Achieving breakout success as a small business in today’s highly competitive and increasingly complex business world requires exceptional efforts to develop clients and customers who rave about your company, and are willing to tell others. Failing to delight customers is more than a shame – it’s a slow road to business oblivion.

But developing customers who will become true fans of your business – both online and offline – is easier said than done. After all, if it were easy, companies with lots of money would be swimming in happy customers, but that’s not always the case. 

So what's the big secret? Maribeth Kuzmeski, who wrote a book called “And the Clients Went Wild!” (Wiley) argues that in order to get customers to rave about your business, you need to build a strong emotional connection – the same kind that makes someone cheer for a sports team or star athlete. 

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Daniel Kehrer, Founder & Managing Director of BizBest Media Corp., is a nationally-known, award-winning expert on small and local business, start-ups, content marketing, entrepreneurship and social media, with an MBA from UCLA/Anderson. Read more of Daniel's tips at, follow him at and connect on LinkedIn at

Businesses today don’t just want to use social media for improving strategic business growth, they want to run with it and own it. They want to be masterful social media strategists that beat their competition hollow when it comes to implementing social media strategies that improve brand awareness, engagement and reputation.

But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you want to drive a business revolution with social media, you need a roadmap in place to implement your strategies successfully. The scope and scale of social media is immense and you need to identify the right networks and approach that will help you optimize their use to spread your business message.

Let’s see how you can go about creating a roadmap of social media that will do wonders for your business:

1.What do you want to do with Social Media?

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Andrew Cravenho, CEO - CBAC & Factor AuctionAndrew Cravenho is the CEO of CBAC LLC & Factor Auction. As a serial entrepreneur, Andrew focuses on helping both small and medium sized businesses take control of their cash flow. Prior to CBAC, Andrew founded an annuity financing company relieving tort victims of financial hardship.

Making the Outsourcing Option Work for Your Small Business

Sat, 2014-03-01 12:01

Making the Outsourcing Option Work for Your Small Business


By Bruce Michalski – SCORE Mentor



As your business grows, so too do the complexities of its operation. You may well reach a point where certain functions are costing money or compromising efficiency, and diverting your attention from more critical core aspects.


Bounce Down Under Owners Honored

Tue, 2014-02-25 15:12

Chris and Jennifer Mannering ditched their day jobs to get their indoor children's party-and-play business up and running last spring.

On Monday, Manasota SCORE honored the owners of Bounce Down Under as its Clients of the Year, a highlight of the group's awards luncheon.

The local group — composed almost completely of volunteers with business experience — ended 2013 with 300 active clients.

Senior Entrepreneurship

Wed, 2014-02-12 10:07

Two Senate committees held a hearing on the growing trend of older Americans starting their own businesses. Witnesses testified on ways to reduce barriers for senior-citizen entrepreneurs and outlined various initiatives to assist new business owners. Other topics included creating access to training and capital for senior business owners, the impact of the Affordable Care Act on senior entrepreneurs, and their impact on the overall economy.

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