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Problem: Hunger is a problem that has been addressed in many different ways including local, regional, national, and worldwide initiatives. But, despite our best efforts, it continues to be an ever-expanding problem that is looking for unique and innovative solutions.

Challenge: To discover and implement ways to provide for those in need.

Solution:  Three approaches…by:     

  • Fighting hunger around the world;
  • Providing marketing opportunities for participating restaurants; and,
  • Helping food shelves and other providers raise funds and awareness for their causes. 
David Woodbury
My Successes

Projects: In the first full year of operation, eatiply™ donated over 300,000 meals to charity by working with restaurants in Minnesota, Arkansas, and Washington.

The Future: Woodbury’s goal is to expand to all 50 states and to have at least 50 participating restaurants in each state. He is seeking an initial round of financing to expedite growth and to greatly increase the number of meals that can be donated to charity partners.  Also, Mr. Woodbury plans to launch another related concept called drinkiply™ which will work on the same partnership concept as eatiply™ but will provide clean drinking water to people in developing countries.   




What's Great About My Mentor?

“SCORE, and especially Doug Petersen, have been a great resource for the launch and growth of eatiply™. SCORE is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs in all stages of development.” – David Woodbury, Owner.

Mind Your Own Business: Planning Tips for a Smooth Start-Up

Tue, 2014-03-11 21:11

It started with a great idea: a product(s) or service(s) on which, you’re convinced, a successful entrepreneurial venture can be built. Now comes the tough part — actually planning and launching the business.

Starting a Small Business March 27 9 - 1PM



 This workshop covers the basic issues faced when starting a small business, such as business licensing, legal forms, business record keeping, hiring employees, business planning, access to financing, identifying who the market is and developing a marketing plan. 

Instructors: Paul Robinson and Scott Swingle

Live in Fairbanks: UAF Community and Technical College, 604 Barnette, Room 216

Fashion Protection - Trademark Basics and Fashion Compliance


Do you have a retail or e-commerce store? Do you sell through sites like Etsy®? If so, do you know what laws your business should be following? Do you want to learn how to protect your brand? Are you concerned about preserving your brand’s reputation after trademark registration?Fashion Compliance image

Starting a business is not easy.  An entrepreneur needs to understand and express his/her passion. To do so means developing a mission statement and a plan. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Starting a business also requires enthusiasm, energy, and persistence to market your business concepts to suppliers, customers and investors. For an entrepreneur to succeed today, he/she has to be willing to walk through walls.


Man and WomanWhen an entrepreneur thinks about starting a business, there are two distinct concepts critical to success:


Passion was described best by Steve Jobs -

About the Author

Bert Shlensky HeadshotBert Shlensky​ is an expert in Internet Marketing and apparel. Very Knowledgeable in Executing Import and Export Business. Years of experience in integrating strategy and logistics. Over 30 years of executive experience as a results-driven executive leader in the textile, apparel and internet marketing fields. Strong track record of achieving growth and operating profitability in start-up, internet and turnaround businesses. Most recently I initiated several entrepreneurial startup businesses selling home furnishings on the Internet which achieved sales within 6-10 months of their funding and had a major internet component. These programs were all based on combining Chinese production, internet marketing, SEO, PPC, social media and innovative logistics to market high-quality home furnishings to consumers.

How to start a business

In this article, you’ll find topics ranging from testing your business idea to creating a plan, structuring your company, and building a successful team. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know much more about cash control, financial management, funding a business, building business credit, and a number of other vital topics

Success Stories of Equal Value

Thu, 2014-03-06 10:01

When I sat down to write a recent article for Lehigh Valley Business, titled “SCOREway to Success,” I never imagined the amount and depth of the success stories that would result from the efforts of a volunteer organization.

To show an equal appreciation and admiration for all of the stories and voices, I would like to share those that could not fit into the space limitations of the print version of my article. (The good news is I am not limited on space in my blog, thankfully.)


Fresno Co. Veteran Becomes Inaugural Recipient of National Award

Thu, 2014-03-06 09:54

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A local disabled veteran was once told he was unemployable. So the Squaw Valley man and his wife created their own jobs -- turning his woodworking hobby into a successful engraving company. Now their efforts are receiving national attention.

An impressive Superman collection at Al Kroell's Squaw Valley home all started with a nickname: "Man of Steel." Because that's what Kroell is, after 53 surgeries.

"Due to a very bad accident when I was in the military I lost the use of both of my hands," said Kroell.

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